FAST (Food Access and Sustainability Team) Blackfeet is a nonprofit addressing issues of food access and food sovereignty within the Blackfeet Nation. Our vision is a healthy, strong and food secure Blackfeet Nation. 

The O´yo´•ṗ´Food Pantry first opened Sept. 23 in the Medicine Bear Shelter, 201 2nd St NW, Browning. In the first month of operation, the pantry served 1,136 people, distributing over 11,000 pounds of food. The 1,136 people include 379 children under the age of 18 and 49 elders over the age of 65.

* Hours: Monday and Thursday from 3 to 5:30 p.m.

* Purpose: To provide food for community members who run out of food during the month. Individuals are able to use the O´yo´•ṗ´ Food Pantry once per week.

* Need: Food insecurity is experienced by two out of every three people in the Blackfeet Nation. 

* Signing Up: When people come to O´yo´•ṗ´ they fill out a simple form with information including their name, age, family size and whether or not they utilize other food programs such as SNAP or Commodities.

* Client Choice: People visiting the O´yo´•ṗ´ Food Pantry choose from a selection of foods that best fit their family’s tastes and lifestyle. 

* Nutrition Education: A trained volunteer provides a personalized “My Native Plate” nutrition plan and indigenous eating tips. 

*Volunteers: The O´yo´•ṗ´ Food Pantry volunteers help with checking people in, filling up food boxes, offering personalized nutrition plans, stocking shelves and assisting people in carrying food boxes to their vehicles. 

To date, 21 volunteers have donated 156 hours of their time in service to the food pantry. You can help FAST Blackfeet find willing volunteers. If interested, contact Andrew Brokaw at 406-845-2404 or

The O´yo´•ṗ´ Food Pantry is the first step of the FAST Blackfeet’s strategic plan. Over time, FAST Blackfeet will establish a Food Resource Center that will offer more opportunities for nutrition education and access to locally produced and sold foods.

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