The Glacier County Treasurer’s Office will be getting plenty of extra help in the coming weeks. The commissioners approved the request of Human Resources Director Mike Kittson to enter into a contract with Jessica Connelly, CPA, for training and consulting services beginning immediately. The action came at the commissioners’ meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19. 

Commissioners Ron Rides At The Door and Tom McKay supported Kittson’s request. Commissioner Michael DesRosier and Clerk and Recorder Glenda Hall did not attend the meeting.

Kittson told the commissioners Glacier County Attorney Terryl Matt was drafting a contract for Connolly’s services, which will be billed at $65 per hour, and he expected it to be ready for approval at the commissioners’ meeting on Oct. 24 in Browning.

Both Matt and Kittson want the contract to include a cap on the “overall amount” of the contract or “restrictions on the county’s financial obligation” as well as language relating to confidentiality. 

Rides At the Door questioned what funds will be used to pay for Connolly’s service. Kittson responded, “We are in this situation because of the Treasurer’s Office. It makes sense that the Treasurer’s Office pay for the services. We can’t sit back and let this wound fester anymore.”

The commissioners then called Glacier County Treasurer Galen Galbreath into their office and informed him of their decision. Kittson said Connolly could start immediately, noting the “most important” tasks ahead are reconciling the reports for the school districts as well as any reports for the Department of Revenue and Department of Administration.

The commissioners informed Galbreath they will be “inviting” the Office of Public Instruction’s Kathleen Warner to come and work with him on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27 to get the school budgets “wrapped up.” The commissioners must invite her to come, explained Rides At The Door, so he’ll ask Commissioner DesRosier to “formally write to her” to come on the dates noted.

Rides At The Door stressed the commissioners’ number one goal is to help Galbreath and all county employees succeed at their job.

In other news from last week’s meeting, the commissioners:

•Approved the three-year contract between Glacier County and the Road Department union employees. The contract is retroactive to July 1 and includes wage increases of .5%, .5% and 1% during the three years, said Kittson. A copy of the contract will be available once it is signed and recorded by the clerk and recorder, he added.

•Approved a travel request from Glacier County EMS Amie Allison for travel to the American Ambulance Association Conference in Las Vegas in November at a cost of approximately $5,000.  

•Approved the county’s annual $25,000 contribution to the Golden Triangle Transit bus service.

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