The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council will be meeting on Wednesday, July 29, to discuss direct support services for folks who have tested positive for COVID-19 and/or who are quarantined, said Public Information Officer Eileen Galbreath. They will also address hazardous duty pay for Siyeh frontline employees.

Plans to reopen Glacier Peaks Hotel have not yet been finalized, she said, but logistics are being discussed with regard to security and quarantined individuals.

“As of right now, a place has been identified through a privately-owned business,” Galbreath said. “The location will remain unknown for privacy reasons, and it will be paid for by CARES Act funds to provide support to the homeless population affected by COVID-19.”

Several Tribal buildings have been closed due to coronavirus testing positive, including Family Services, Southern Piegan Health Center, the school-based Tribal clinic, Personnel and the Hot Shots. All will remain closed until treated by a firm called “Pro-Clean.”

While the buildings may be closed, “Essential services must continue, via telehealth and remote meeting,” Galbreath said.

“Back-up plans are being identified and improved as the situation with COVID-19 transmission within the community multiplies,” Galbreath said, “and OSHA is being contacted for guidance on workplace exposure.”

The Tribal Council will meet this Friday to decide whether to continue the shutdown past July 31, Galbreath concluded.

For more information, call 338-7521, ext. 2437.

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