"We come to you today with increasingly heavy hearts, to report the sixth COVID-19 related death (male, age 70-79) in our county. Our deepest condolences go out to all the families affected by this virus." That statement was released by the Toole County COVID-19 Joint Information Center around 10:30 a.m. today (Wednesday, April 22).

At this time, there are six active cases in Toole County, all of which consist of close contact transmission within local congregate settings. All close contacts with these cases have been placed on quarantine and are only released from quarantine when they meet the CDC recommended protocols for ending quarantine. However, as many of you know, it is possible for carriers of the virus to be asymptomatic, and therefore spread the virus unknowingly. Due to this, please continue to follow the Governor’s directives for shelter in place.

Toole County has 29 confirmed cases, six deaths and 17 recovered cases. One patient is hospitalized at this time. Montana has 437 confirmed cases, including two in Pondera County and four in Glacier County.

As a county and a state, we are getting closer every day to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Please remain patient and vigilant so we can overcome this together.

The Toole County Joint Information Center (JIC) is available to answer your questions. Please reach out to us via the TCHD Facebook page, email covid19@toolecountymt.gov, or phone 406- 424-8309.

More information on specifics for positive cases, such as gender and age, can be found online from the State of Montana. 


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