The first place General Award, left, as well as the first place BCC Student Award went to Willow Kipp for “Forbidden Turnip” at the library’s art show. At right, “Sacred Heart ‘Naato Mosskitsipahp’” won the first place Teen Award for Jazmine Spotted Bear at the Medicine Spring Library’s virtual art show.

The annual Medicine Spring Library Art Show found a way to hold the art show in the midst of a pandemic. Even though the doors to the library remain shuttered, the library has been reaching out to their patrons online and through Facebook. This year the art show had to be flexible in as many ways as possible; there weren't as many categories; all of the prize money was donated; contest fees were waived; and instead of seeing this amazing art in person, we asked our artists to take a picture and submit a picture of their art.

Despite the challenges, the Blackfeet community came out in spectacular style with 63 pieces entered by 43 artists - this art show rivaled the annual physical art show.

While sad to forgo the biggest event of the year, library staff is appreciative for both the participation and the support from viewers and donors alike. Artists were grateful as well.

Camdon Croff, a 12-year-old student and winner of the People's Choice Award, said, "Thank you for putting on an art contest and acknowledging youth artists like myself. I thank you for putting this on. I always enjoy myself doing this contest."

Through the Facebook medium, the art show saw 3,900 viewers, where the average post reach is between 100-300 people. Leslie Warren, a librarian in Michigan, said, "These are amazing! Thanks for sharing them." And Teri Dahle said, "Love it. Thanks for sharing your art, artists and thanks to BCC for sponsoring." 

In the past six weeks the library has found several ways to engage with their patrons through an online Open Mic and art tutorials of the activities cancelled in the library. Donors for the art show prizes include Aaron LaFromboise, Gary McCone, Gaylene DuCharme, Zita Bremner, LaFromboise and Associates, and Iva Croff.

The winners of the Art Show were:

People's Choice - Camdon Croff "Stand Up Bonnet Transfer"

General - Willow Kipp "Forbidden Turnip"

Golden - Carlene Salois "Quilt 3"

Teen - Jazmine Spotted Bear "Sacred Heart 'Naato Mosskitsipahp'"

Youth - Camdon Croff "Stand Up Bonnet Transfer"

All youth will receive a prize for participation

BCC Students -

1st Willow Kipp, "Forbidden Turnip”

2nd Jessica Bustos "Griz Medallion"

3rd Maleah Gallagher Horn "Mac Miller Album Cover"

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