The Glacier County Commissioners and Clerk and Recorder Glenda Hall made short work of the two agenda items at the May 8 meeting in their new office at 12 Starr School Road in Browning. They were the only ones in attendance.

They began by terminating the state of emergency that was declared last February in response to a series of severe winter storms that impacted many areas of Glacier County. The two mills that the declaration allowed will put around $47,000 into the Roads and Sheriff’s departments to offset their costs at that time. Anything that’s left over could be saved for future emergencies, Commissioner Ron Rides At The Door said.

Next, they approved supporting the Blackfeet 4-H Fair for another year. The County’s contribution of $5,000 is equal to the contribution the County makes to the Marias Fair. Commissioner Michael DesRosier said he would like to see the name of the Browning fair include mention of Glacier County as well.

The meeting took place during the first full day of official Satellite Office business in the new facility. At present, only Clerk and Recorder and election services are being offered, the former including birth and death certificates and the latter voter registration.

The new offices are spacious, compared to the old facility. A welcoming counter greets people entering the building, now set up for voter registration. Moving back, there is another office area that may one day house a Veterans representative, and there is a large conference room the Commissioners will share with other tenants.

Clerk and Recorder Hall said she hopes functions of the Treasurer’s Office will arrive in around two weeks. Computers are being set up to interface with the Department of Motor Vehicles’ programs so vehicle registration and license purchasing can resume.

As to offering driver’s license examinations, Hall said county officials will begin a new set of negotiations, most likely with Montana Attorney General Tim Fox. She said Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney told her he would work with the County to restore services. She noted the new satellite office location has a private office that would be made available to an examiner at no cost to the state.

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