Although Hoss Pepion did not come to the Aug. 13 meeting of the Glacier County Commissioners at the Browning Satellite Office to ask the county to install speed limit signs on Chatterton Road, Mike and Regina Wikstrom, and Kerry Nickou did arrive to talk about progress on turning a portion of the Heart Butte Cut Across Road into a county road.

Commission Chairman Michael DesRosier began with his observing the biggest issue facing Montana counties at MACo meetings is roads. Mike Wikstrom responded, asking if the paperwork he’d turned in to the County Attorney was sufficient. DesRosier said they’d determined that the single landowner not signing onto the request to make the first mile and a half a county road “is not an issue for us” since the road has been in general use for many years. He went on to discuss the remaining issue, that of fencing that is too close to the road for the plows, and said he understood the Landlord’s Association would deal with it.

Wikstrom said the landowner whose fence is too close has already agreed to move it, and said he’d offered to help out with the move.

In the absence of problems discovered by the County Attorney, DesRosier said the matter will go to the Treasurer’s Office for a deed and then come back to the Com-missioners for approval. They will then talk to the Roads Department about plans to include the Cut Across Road in their plans for the winter. He said they would talk with the county surveyor/planner to get a plan written up and recorded.

In the event a public hearing might be required, DesRosier said they would schedule it to be held at the next Commissioner meeting in East Glacier Park, likely in September. He promised the county will begin work on the Cut Across Road before winter sets in.

Coincidentally, the Wikstroms said they would like to see a speed limit imposed on their road, like the request on the Chatterton Road. DesRosier noted folks often want speed limits put on remote county roads, but said such limits are “unenforceable.” He went on to suggest that folks who get used to breaking speed limits there might exhibit such behaviors elsewhere. 

Responding to the Wikstroms’ complaints about dust from speeding vehicles, DesRosier said the county might be able to spread magnesium chlorite to keep the surface together while keeping the dust down. DesRosier said the county lacks supplies of magnesium chlorite now but will treat the Cut Across Road when it becomes possible.

That being the sole item on the agenda, the Commissioners adjourned the meeting.

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