Blackfeet Tribal Members will soon have something to cheer about as the Tribe is gearing up to distribute $800 checks to every member, starting on Monday, July 26. The deadline for updating mailing information came last week on July 15, and this week all the checks are being processed for mailing out next week.

In other news, the Heart Butte Tribal Business Council members are meeting with the community of Heart Butte to determine how and when some sort of celebration may be  held. Public Information Officer James McNeely said so far it looks like the celebration will be much like the Celebration of Healing in Browning, and so far it seems as though it will take place around the same time Heart Butte Indian Days normally occurs.

As of July 16, McNeely reports there are two active COVID-19 cases on the Reservation, with one being hospitalized. They are isolated cases, he said, so at least for now things seem to be returning to “normal.” On the other hand, the Delta Variant presents a new challenge in that results from COVID-19 testing involving the Delta Variant take four to six weeks to obtain. As a result, McNeely said folks should remain “vigilant,” noting some businesses are making mask wearing optional.

The Canadian-U.S. border, which has been closed to non-essential travel for many months now, looks as though it will reopen in mid-August, McNeely said, allowing folks to visit their relatives and friends.

In other signs of normalcy returning, the Horn Society had their annual campout last week. “There are more ceremonies and people are returning to normal,” he said.

Finally, McNeely advises folks to watch the Blackfeet Environmental Office’s daily updates on air quality and for those with respiratory issues to take recommended actions for their safety.

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