The roof on the new Arrowhead Stadium got a “trial by wind” over the weekend as gusts approaching 100 mph tore about half the covering off. Crews from Great Falls were coming to repair the damage on Monday, Nov. 29.

At least folks were warned, but the return of high winds on the Eastern Front of the Rocky Mountains put an exclamation point on what began as the Thanksgiving holiday last Thursday. Conditions remained mostly calm until Sunday when wind speeds increased at times to over 100 mph on a November day that reached 50 degrees and warmer.

The Blackfeet Tribe’s Public Information Officer, James McNeely, said on Monday, Nov. 29, that no Tribal properties were damaged apart from shingles being blown off, but noted residents experienced falling trees and other damage.

Browning High School’s newest facility was one of the storm’s victims. The new Arrowhead Stadium lost about half the roof off the broadcast structure.

“With the high winds yesterday, a piece of tin came off the roof and got underneath and blew around half the roofing off,” said Reid Reagan, director of Browning Schools facilities. While Sletten Construction built the stadium, it was S&H Aluminum from Great Falls that installed the roof. Reagan reported S&H was on their way to BHS on Monday to reattach the damaged pieces.

“Everything else we have held up except for the newest building we have,” Reagan said.

Power outages kept Glacier Electric Cooperative (GEC) crews busy all around Glacier County.

“They were a bit busy Saturday with a few small outages, but Sunday was by far the busiest day,” said GEC spokesperson Jonnalea Tatsey. “We had three different crews out trying to restore power all over our area, including Duck Lake, East Glacier, Heart Butte, Summit and North of Cut Bank. We didn’t lose any poles as most of the outages were caused by falling trees. The longest outage was at Summit which was out for four hours on Sunday. The majority of the other outages were from one to three hours. We did have some work to do in our Blackfoot Substation, so we disconnected the power for a half hour so our crew could get some work done safely.”

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