The board meeting was called to order at noon.

The Regular Board Minutes of Jan. 25 were approved with no changes. The Board Agenda was approved with the following changes: remove Ty Running Fisher, BHS Assistant Track Coach and from BHS Pep Club Sponsor and place on the Feb. 20 Special Board agenda; remove high school recognitions to the next regular scheduled board meeting on March 7. There was no Public Comment.

Napi Recognitions/Presentations by Sicily Bird: Jeremiah Across the Mountains, Michael Crossguns, LaRae Grant, Greyson Krammer, Tahkya Madplume, Curtis Oldchief, Mariah Owents, Samantha Rivas, James Snow, Skylee Stevens, “A Christmas Carol” Participants, Charlotte NewBreast, Charlotte Flammond, Patricia Salway, Travis Blue, Patrick Armstrong, Loren Monroe, Chase Neverez, Danielle Augare, Earl Tail, Jason Andreas, Tessa Wells, Kimberly Birdrattler, Shantell Birdrattler, Etta Sinclair, Kori Walter.

Board members reviewed the following building reports: KW Vina Elementary School - Toni Tatsey; Browning Elementary School - Sheila Hall; Napi Elementary School - Sicily Bird; Browning Middle School - Angela Heavy Runner; Browning High School/Student Council - Jennifer Wagner; Babb Elementary - Dennis Juneau; Big Sky-Glendale Colonies - Rebecca Rappold; Special Education Department - Ginny Crawford; Buffalo Hide Academy - Matthew Johnson; Curriculum and Instruction - Rebecca Rappold; Parent, Community Outreach, FIT - Irene Augare; Blackfeet Language-Native American Studies - Robert Hall; Gear Up Program – Melanie Magee; Spookinapi (Good Health) Project - Cinnamon Salway; Athletics Department – Tony Wagner; Transportation Department – Frances Bullcalf and Maintenance/Facilities/Security/Construction - Reid Reagan; Child Nutrition-Copy Center-Warehouse (No report submitted); Student Activities: 21st Century/Eekahkiimaht (No report submitted); Technology Department (No report submitted).

Other reports: BPS Mid-Year Safety Report Jan. 1, 2023; Remote Learning Update K-12; ESSER Budget Update - January 2023; HR Status Update 2-15-23 and Coaching Season Update 2022-23.

Resignations were accepted from Ryan Running Crane, Assistant Cook-BES, Effective Nov. 22, 2022; Brih’Leigh Kipling, Assistant Cook-BHS, Effective Jan. 31, 2023; Whisper Michel, Middle School Personal Care Attendant, Effective 2-2-23; Isaiah Crawford, Ee-Kah-Kii-Maht Coordinator-Student Activities, Effective Feb. 2, 2023; Ross DeRoche, Middle School Track Coach, Effective Feb. 7, 2023; Chyana Johnson, OT-PT Student Support Tech, Effective Feb. 8, 2023 and LaNell Arnoux, Child Care Aide I, Effective Feb. 27, 2023.

Hiring was approved pending successful background checks/drug tests for: Emmitt Augare BMS Wrestling Coach 2022-23 ($860); Courtney Kemmer, BMS Volleyball Coach 2022-23 ($860); Linda Trombley, BHS SPED TA; Crystal Upham, 9-Month Bus Driver and Laura Trombley, 9 Month Bus Driver.

The following Contract Service Agreements were approved pending successful background checks): Ann Magee, Math Tutoring at DeLaSalle Blackfeet School 2022-23 ($9,984); Gaylene Henderson, ELA Tutoring at DeLaSalle Blackfeet School 2022-23 ($13,440) and Carla Whitegrass-Trombley, Building Mentor-BHS 2022-23 (up to $1,000).

Out of State Travel was approved for BPS Certified Teachers to attend the AVID Summer Institute in San Diego, Calif. 2022-23 ($3,777.37), and In State Travel was approved for the following: Corrina Guardipee-Hall, Kari McKay, Michael ComesAtNight, Western A Boys and Girls Divisional Basketball Tournaments in Ronan, 2022-23 ($1,845.43); Tony Wagner, Western A Winter Meeting and Boys and Girls Divisional BB Tournaments in Ronan, 2022-23 ($904.43); Dennis Juneau, Tony Wagner, Michael ComesAtNight, Western A Boys and Girls State Basketball Tournaments in Bozeman, 2022-23 ($2,076.54) and John Salois, Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner, University of Montana Educator’s Career Fair 2022-23 ($1,681.69).

There were no Personnel Issues. Legal Issues were held in closed session: Restriction from School Property, Policy #6001 Visitors to School and #6032 School Property Complaint.

Meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.

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