Thursday, Jan. 13, marks the first day candidates interested in running for county office can file their official “Declaration for Nomination.” This year’s primary election is set for June 7 and will feature seven county races. Candidates should file in the Glacier County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, located on the second floor of the Glacier County Courthouse.

According to Mandi Bird Kennerly, Glacier County Clerk and Recorder and Election Administrator, the seven county positions up for election this year and their filing fees are:

•District III Glacier County Commissioner–$243.21. Michael J. DesRosier, a Democrat, is completing his third term as county commissioner. The Glacier County Commissioners are paid an annual salary of $48,641.40.

•Combined position of Clerk and Recorder and Superintendent of Schools–$243.21. Incumbent Mandi Bird Kennerly, also a Democrat, is completing her first term as county Clerk and Recorder. The Clerk and Recorder is paid an annual salary of $48,641.40.

•Glacier County Sheriff/Coroner–$349.19. Vernon “Napi” Billedeaux, Jr., also a Democrat, is completing his third term as the county’s sheriff/coroner.  The sheriff/coroner is paid an annual salary of $71,138.60.

•Glacier County Attorney-$401.50, which is a part-time position. County Attorney Terry Matt is paid an annual salary of $80,299.70. 

•Glacier County Treasurer–$243.21. Democrat Don Wilson, who was first appointed and then elected to the position, is completing his first four year term. The Glacier County Treasurer is paid an annual salary of $48,641.40.

•Justice of the Peace–$243.21. Carolyn Berkram is completing her first term as Justice of the Peace, which is a non-partisan position. The Justice of the Peace is paid an annual salary of $48,641.40.

•Clerk of District Court–$243.21. Twila Pyette was appointed to the Clerk’s position following the resignation of Janine Scott midway through her term. Candidates for this position will run for the remaining two years of the term. The Clerk of Court is paid an annual salary of $48,641.40.

All candidates for county office must be at least 18 years of age, a registered voter in Glacier County and a citizen of Montana. Property ownership is not a requirement for holding any county office.

In addition, a county commissioner candidate must be a registered elector residing in District III and in Glacier County for two years prior to the general election. For the boundaries of this district, please contact Kennerly at 406-873-3609.

A Glacier County Commissioner’s term of office is six years. The term of office for all other county positions is four years.

The filing period for the June 7 primary election is Jan. 13 through March 14.

Anyone having questions relating to the elections is encouraged to stop in the Clerk and Recorder’s office or call 873-3609 for more information.

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