This group shot shows Nate and Paula Castro-Stops, Loxie Lynn Loring, Juliet Hays, Katelyn Goes Ahead, prosecutor Lonnie Coombs, Dr. Phil, Robin McGraw, Belinda Bullshoe and Raine, who helped host the MMIW Tribunal at Blackfeet Community College.

The reasons Belinda Bullshoe and Loxie Loring went to Los Angeles to be on the Dr. Phil Show were different. Belinda has been working with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People issue, both statewide and directly in searching for Arden Pepion, a 3-year-old who went missing April 22. Loxie, on the other hand, made her first trip to the west coast and her first appearance speaking on behalf of her daughter, Ashley Loring Heavy Runner, missing since June of 2017.

One thing they had in common on this adventure, however, was how quickly it came about.

“The documentary person’s wife contacted me the Monday before we left for LA,” Bullshoe said. “She told me ‘I have an opportunity for you and you might be surprised.’ I was on a Zoom meeting about MMIW and she asked, ‘how would you like to go to LA to be on Dr. Phil? The only thing is you’ll be going with Loxie Loring because she can talk about Ashley.’”

The contact person explained Dr. Phil wanted to feature their stories during Native American Heritage Month, and said another family would be joining them. They would be Paula Castro-Stops and her husband Nate, whose 14-year-old daughter, Henny Scott, was found dead outside Lame Deer.

“Everything had to go fast,” Bullshoe said. “They contacted us about the flight and sent us questions about MMIW. It was fast paced. One thing I was glad about was Loxie. Kimberly was always the spokesperson for Ashley because she’s her sister, but for Loxie it was the first time she’d spoken publicly in a long time so it was a big thing for her. She did really good.”

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