The board meeting was called to order at 5 p.m. with a quorum. The Regular Board Minutes Dec. 13 and Special Board Minutes Dec. 27 were approved with no changes. The board agenda was approved with the following change: Wage Modification: Tammy Hall Reagan, Assistant Middle School Principal. There was no Public Comment.

The following reports were reviewed: KW Vina Elementary School - Toni Tatsey; Browning Elementary School - Sheila Hall; Napi Elementary School - Sicily Bird; Browning Middle School - Angie Heavy Runner; Browning High School - Jennifer Wagner; BHS Senior Student Council; Babb Elementary - Dennis Juneau; Big Sky-Glendale Colonies - Rebecca Rappold; Special Education Department - Ginny Crawford; Buffalo Hide Academy - Matthew Johnson; Verbal Transportation Update; HR Status Update Jan. 10, 2023 and Coaching Season Update Jan. 10, 2023.

Resignations: Jeremy War Bonnet, Assistant Cook-BES, effective Dec. 14, 2022.

Hiring approved (pending successful background check/drug test): March Hall, Napi Assistant Cook; Cynovia Wing, Napi Basketball Coach 2022-23 ($600); Cynovia Wing, Middle School Volleyball Coach 2022-23 ($860); Raquel Vaile, Middle School Volleyball Coach 2022-23 ($860); Tamara Guardipee, Middle School Volleyball Coach 2022-23 ($860); and Delora Bearchild, Middle School Volleyball Coach 2022-23 ($860).

Contract Service Agreements were approved (pending successful background check): Ronnel Goss, Assisted with 2022-23 Senior Toy Drive ($672); Angel Marceau, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($294); Kailey Hall, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($294); Kelsey Hall, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($294); Michele Calftail, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($294); Annette Burdeau, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($182); Raquel Vaile, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($182); Leslie Wolverine, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($182); and Joe Jessepe, NY Eve Chaperone 2022-23 ($182).

Out of State Travel was approved for Angela Heavy Runner, Beyond School Hours Conference in Orlando, Fla. 2023 ($4,728.37); Corrina Guardipee-Hall, AASA Nat’l Conference on Education 2022-23 ($2,826.37) and Board of Trustees, Corrina Guardipee-Hall, Nafis Spring Conference 2023 ($4,673.75).

In State Travel approved for Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner, Speech and Debate Divisional in Columbia Falls 2022-23 ($357.28); Tony Wagner, Dennis Juneau, Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner, MHSA Annual Meeting in Missoula 2022-23 ($1,347.72); and Matthew Johnson, CBITS-AI Training, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Missoula 2022-23 ($915.08).

Other items approved: Student Attendance Agreement-Cut Bank 2022-23; Contract Amendment: Jocelyn Big Throat, Student Teacher 2022-23 (-$12,257); Contract Amendment: Tammy Hall Reagan, Browning Middle School Assistant Principal 2022-23 ($2,722); Extended Contracts: Certified Teachers, WIDA Testing - BES 2022-23 ($6,682); Extended Contract: Abigail Marshall, Science Department Planning 2022-23 ($617); Extended Contracts: Certified Teachers, Science Curriculum Planning 2022-23 ($6,237); Create Temporary ESSER Project Manager Position 2022-24; Approve Calamity Pay for Dec. 20, 2022 (3 hrs.), Dec. 21, 2-22 (8 hrs.) and Dec. 22, 2022 (4 hrs.) $20,875.81; K12 Montana, Inc., District Wide Camera Upgrades 2022-23 ($263,399); Purchases Over $10,000; District Claims Checks #437145-#437315 ($611,869.32); Student Activities Claims Checks #705188 - #705215 ($9,866.55), Cancelled Ck#705169 ($300) and Additional Pays/Payroll.

There were no personnel or legal issues. Meeting adjourned at 6:01 p.m.

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