Law enforcement officials provided additional information last week regarding an assault and shooting July 18 in East Glacier Park that left two adult males and an infant girl dead and two adult females in the hospital.

Members of multiple agencies responded to a report around 9 p.m. July 18 of a male shooting at a female.

Investigators subsequently determined that Derick Amos Madden, 37, of Goldsby, Okla.., purposely drove his vehicle into a group of people who were walking beside the roadway, according to a press release from the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office.

After crashing his vehicle into a tree, Madden exited his vehicle armed with a shotgun. Madden began shooting at the same victims he had just hit or attempted to hit with his vehicle. 

Madden shot and killed David Siau, 39, of Syracuse, N.Y., at the scene. Madden continued to shoot at the victims who were running away, wounding Christy Siau, 40, of Syracuse, and mortally wounding McKenzie Siau, 1 1/2, of Syracuse, who was being held by her mother, Christy.

Madden attacked Christina Siau, 30, of East Glacier Park, with a knife. During this attack Christina fought for her life, and despite receiving critical injuries, she fatally wounded Madden, who died at the scene.

In addition to the victims listed above, two minor children were also present but were able to run away, escaping injury. Christy, Christina, and McKenzie were taken to Indian Health Service in Browning, where McKenzie was pronounced dead. Christy and Christina were flown on to a higher level of care with critical injuries.

Authorities have determined Madden was in a prior relationship with Christina Siau and was suffering from mental health issues. The attack was isolated to this incident with a clear nexus between the victims and Madden.

Initial responders to the incident included the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services officers, National Park Service rangers, a Montana Highway Patrol trooper, an FBI agent, Blackfeet EMS, Glacier Park Lodge security and East Glacier Fire Rescue.

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