Camille Bradley has had a busy summer already! Camille completed her Junior Leadership Project for 4-H – helping to beautify the Parkview Center on Main Street. Camille, with a little help from her friends, planted flowers and made the outdoor space at the Center much more inviting for the many people who utilize the facility. Camille is pictured with her helpers, left to right, Hadley Barbie, Jackie Waller, Darci Littrell, Grace Rooney, Camille, Terri Hillius and in front, Alec Morrisett.

If you have not seen the changes the Parkview Center is sporting outside, take a drive-by and see for yourself how wonderful it looks. And then, thank Camille Bradley for making it look so great.

As part of her Junior Leadership Project for the Clever Clovers 4-H group, Camille decided to do some summer beautification work at the Parkview Center. Which she did, beautifully, by the way. And now that the project is all done, Camille will be presenting her project at this summer’s Marias Fair in the hopes of it earning her a 4-H blue ribbon for best leadership project. 

Before Camille started her leadership project, she went and visited with Laura McKenna, Director at the Parkview Center. 

“I wanted to know what she thought the seniors at Parkview would like done there,” Camille explained. “She said they would love to be able to sit outside, comfortably.”

That made her decision for the first part of her project easy.

“I applied for the People Partner Grant from the Montana 4-H Foundation and got the full amount of the grant, which was $500,” she said.

With that money, Camille was able to purchase seat cushions for the outside furniture at Parkview Center, giving the folks at the Center a comfortable, “cushy” place to sit while outdoors. 

But Camille did not stop there with her beautification work. Now that the people at Parkview could sit outside comfortably, Camille wanted to give them something pretty to see while out there. So, she applied for another grant with Rural Community Development through the Montana Department of Agriculture for another $500.

“I got that grant as well and used that money to buy flowers and pots to put outside the Center in the front,” she said. “We filled some metal water troughs and some flower boxes with flowers we bought at The Flower Shop here in Cut Bank. I also got the soil and some garden decorations from Billman’s.”

On Monday, June 24, she and some of her 4-H helpers and a handful of the seniors, helped Camille do her beautification magic and together, they changed the look outside the Center.

“It feels like we are bridging the generation gap by all of us working together,” she said. And she was right.

Before she and her fellow volunteers got started planting, Camille went to visit with Master Gardener Connie Olson, who provided Camille with information on planting, what to plant and how to plant.

“She was amazing and so knowledgeable. She taught us how to plant stuff and then even offered to come down on Monday and help us, if we needed her to. She was great,” Camille said.

With the seat cushions on the chairs, the flowers in the pots, Camille is set for her next step, which is putting together a presentation board which she will set up at the Marias Fair. When the judging is complete on all the presentations, Camille is hoping hers will be the one sporting a blue ribbon.

“I am really excited about this and am really happy with how it all turned out,” she said. 

Camille, who will be a junior at Cut Bank High School this fall, is the daughter of Keven and Vicki Bradley. She is a “three sport athlete, meaning I do volleyball, softball and basketball during the year and then do lots of other sports stuff during the summer.” She also babysits as her main job during the summer months.

Camille has been in 4-H for the past seven years and has enjoyed every minute of it. She has had projects with animals, in sewing, cooking, welding and art, just to name a few of the things she has been involved in.

“People should not think of 4-H as being just about livestock or animals. I am not a farm or ranch kid, but I still have an awesome time in 4-H. Probably because there is a great variety of things kids can get involved in. It is totally fun. You get to meet new people and make new friends. I think every kid should get involved in 4-H,” Camille shared. 

Along with making friends in 4-H, Camille has made some new friends at the Parkview Center. “I like working with seniors and doing this project, I could do that and do something really nice for them at the same time.”

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