Lady Panther’s fourth grader, Audra Christiaens, puts up a good fight as she wrestles for a jump ball in Power and their basketball game last weekend. 

The Valier junior high basketball season may not have had an end of season tournament, but according to coach Michelle Beck, “It was great to complete the season this year. Every one of these athletes improved from day one.”

Beck noted, “The final score of a game doesn’t always show how much effort is truly put forth. We like to celebrate not only baskets but hustle and hard work.  Making a good pass, getting a rebound and working for that steal.”

Beck pointed out she and fellow coach Shenna Monroe, strived to help the young athletes work toward their full potential. “We want them to have fun and play hard. It’s amazing when you get to see kids giving their all no matter what even when things might not be going their way. These young athletes were full of energy and curiosity.”

Beck and Monroe extended a big thank you to the athletes and parents for a unique and enjoyable season.

B Boys

Cascade 34 vs. Valier 6

Levi Dosch 2

Kolter Forbes 2

Brody Warrenburg 2


Cascade 51 vs. Valier 19

Jazmyn Ramos 11

Taelyn Kuka 6

Taylor Curry 2

Boys A

Cascade 46 vs. Valier 28

Dillon Connelly 14

Zachary Boyles 2

Kade Christiaens 1

Kenai Peterson 5

Jaren Christiaens 6

Girls A

Power 10 vs. Valier 7

Jazmyn Ramos 3

Taelyn Kuka 2

Lahren Fowler 2

B Boys

Power 13 vs. Valier 10

Ryder Hitchcock 2

Tyler Raines 4

Dylan Peebles 2

Brody Warrenburg 2

A Boys

Power  29 vs. Valier 16

Dillon Connelly 3

Zachary Boyles 2

Kenai Peterson 3

Jaren Christiaens 6

Bryson Connelly 2

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