Mrs. Drollman’s, Mr. Ziegler’s and Mrs. Seewald’s first graders have some great ideas on how to cook a turkey for your Thanksgiving feast. Use them with caution!

Mrs. Drollman’s Class

First, Stoaree and buy. Next, I will git the guts uot. Then 40 drgees 3 hours. Last, eat it.


First, I buy turkey of str. Next, I will cook the turkey. Then I will cook my turkey. Last I will cook with salt.


First I Bi it from the store. Next I put aolt in it and kok it in the uvin. Then 2 owrs 3 Dgres. Last I pl the guts out.


First, go to the stroe. Next, git the guts uot. Then 400 drgees 1 hour. Last, we eet it.


First, get it from the stro., next 1 hours 20 minutes. Then degrees and last, Keol mas tatoz and graby.


First, buy it from the store. Next git the seneing and prenkol it on. Then 400 drgees hole day. Last I am gowing to sn it with corn.


First I hunt my Trkey. Next I put stufeneg. Then I cook it. My uvin is 3 degrs 3 mininis. Last I eot my trkey.


First I will hunt the turkey. Next I will cook the turkey. My ouvin is 7 Deegrs. Then I will take the turkey out of the barbuku. Last I will eat the turkey.


First, buy your turkey. Next stuf the turkey up with the stufieg. Then cook it for 4:00 minnis and 40 hours. Last and you eat it.


First, I biye it frum the store. Next Piti in the uvin. Then, cook 4:00 minuts 20 dgres. Last, srv it by a plat.


First Buying it. Next I tack the gust out. Then 800 drgrez. Last, serve it.


First, I buy a turkey at stor. Next I took a rapping off now. Then I cook my turkey. is really hot. Last I eat my turkey. My fmil eat a turkey.


First I hunt for turkey. Next I put pepr sesnin. Then my steo Dad puts it on ten. Last My mom servs it with corn.


First Get it fome the stro. Next, cook it in the uvin. Then 1 hours and 100 Dgees. Last to go Wif it mashdtadoe and gaveee.


First bie it. Next Budr Rub it on the skin. Then, BarBq it 24 minits. Last et with jelo.



Mr. Ziegler’s Class shares their recipes!


We are going to htgo mak a shrke. First ghrko. Next go to the sor get some sto. Last mak it.


First, you need pepr. Turkey next. You need sot.


First you weli nee da cooking turkey. Next you well need a pan. Last you well need seeig.


How to mac a tree! First you eit a turke! Next you cut it up! Then you cyc it up! Last you eat it!


First you need a turkey. Next you need sot and pepr. Thank you need a oven. Last you need a pan.


We can help. Rule 1. You need a turkey. Then you will put it in a pot. Rule 2. Tacke it out then you will put salt and pepper on the turkey. Then you eat it.


First you grt a turkey. Next oven. Then crt moo pboo. Last cteeg the olf you pane.


First I will tech to aha. Next to mac a tree. Last to u gitn.


First you ned a turkey. Then you nedt cook it. Then turkey out.


First cac a turkey. Next tac it out. Then put food urah. Last las eat it.


First I will tech you haoo. Next to mac a tree. Last you pit it in the uviwen. It is dun you eat,


I will need a turkey. First you need a oven. Next you need a pan. Then you need a to take it out. Last you need sum stuff to cook.


First I will show you how to make a turkey. Make onne. Next cooke it thln ckt. Fi then bring it to the table. Last eat it.


Look what’s cooking in Mrs. Seewald’s Class!


Mrs. Seewald’s first graders have some great ideas on how to cook a turkey for your Thanksgiving feast. Use them with caution!

* * * * * 

First I shot a turkey. Next I took the turkey home. Then I put the turkey in the pot. Last I ate the turkey.


First shoot a turkey. Next cook a turkey. Then and eat it. See the bones. Last throl the bones in the granrbigi.


First you buy a turkey. Next you put the turkey in the ovin. Then we eat the turkey. Last it was good.


First I kill the turkey. Next put it in the oven. Then we greas it. Last we eat it.


First you have to ble the turkey. Next you have to cut the turkey. Then you have to put it in the mikrwov. Last then you have to eat it.


First I shot a turkey. Next I put it in the oven. Then I smooth it up. Last I cut it. Then we ate it.


First you kill a turkeys. Next you take the feathers out. Then you put it in the oven. Last you eat it. 


First yoy get a turkey in the animal kingdom. Next you bring the turkey hoom. Then you cook it in the instant pot. Last you eat the turkey.


First you hav do you cook a turke. Next I dit git a trke yet. Then and wil git a trke. Last you like met bekuse I like meet.


First I wil finb a torkeyk.Next I will skin the turkey. Then I wil put the turkey. Last I wil let it cool off.


First cook the turkey oven. Next open the oven. Then eat the turkey. Last you eat all the turkey.


First she found him. Next she cooked him. Then they get him. Last Happy Thanksgiving.


First how all I will cook my turkey go in to the woods. Next then you cook it for Thanksgiving. Then I cook it on the grill. Last you eat the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.


First you can buy it at teeo. Next you put it in the sink. Then you get the hart out. Last you put it in the uvin.


First you fida turkey and kooc it. Next we poot it in the oven. Then I bac it at 8 degres for 8 minutz.


First cil it in encc it. Next temp itrl 41 deres. Perat vre yi degrees. Then u tak it uo toos the. Last vet the trce. 

No name

First you found a turkey. Next you bring it to your hws. Then you cook the trkey. Last you can eat the turkey.


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