Senior runningback Tabris Correa looks to secure a pass just ahead of a closing Spartan defender.

The Shelby Coyote Football Season came to a bitter end, losing to the Spartans 44-28, in Scobey on Saturday, Nov. 14, in post-season play.

The Coyotes battled the Spartans and the cold weather but came up short. Scobey put up a 14-point lead before the Coyotes scored. Shelby came alive offensively in the second quarter, scoring 22 points to even the score at the half. 

The Coyotes opened up the third quarter with a touchdown, but could not find the end zone the remainder of the game. Shelby was plagued by turnovers in the semi-final defeat. 

 “It was a tough end to a great year. I want to thank my seniors, Jackson Appley, Brock Stores, and Tabris Correa,” said head coach Mike White. “They put in a great four years and I love each of them.”

He continued, “Thanks to my coaches, Logan Erickson, Brennan Hayes, Marcus Irvin and Bob Brusven. We grew as a staff and I really enjoyed it. Thank you to all the parents for the support, the food, the drinks and the signs! Thanks to Mac and Emily McDermott, LeAnn Appley, Doug and Tracy Richman and the many more parents behind the scenes.”

White went on to say, “Thank you to my family, Sara, Belle, Grady and JoEve. Without your help I wouldn’t be able to spend so much time with others kids. Love you all.”

Coach White added, “Special thanks to Bob (Brusven). Nine years ago we formed a friendship that will last a lifetime. Those who have been coached by him are some of the luckiest kids around. We can never replace what he brought to us, we only hope to emulate it. The Brusven family will be greatly missed in our community and I wish them nothing but the best. Love you guys!”

Coach White extended his appreciate to the Coyote Nation for another great season.

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