Brooke Holland

The Sunburst Refiners held their first Sunburst Cross Country Invitational and considered it a great success. Coach Jeff Nix extended his thanks to all the volunteers. “Without them, our student-athletes would not have been able to compete in an official MHSA qualifying meet,” said Nix.

Brooke Holland won the girls event with a time of 23.01. Heart Butte’s Jodee Cree Medicine came in second with a time of 25.42. Cut Bank claimed the next four spots with Kellyn Dunaway at 25.52, Grace Rooney 30.18, Stella Overstreet 32.55, and Grace Poulton at 32.58. Shelby’s Jahna Welker claimed seventh place with a time of 33.00, and Gabby Cosme of Sunburst finished eighth with a time of 33.45.

Jaden Koon won the boys event with a time of 18.49, Devin Schultz of Cut Bank grabbed second with a time of 20.19, and hot on his heels was James Greene also of Cut Bank at 20.20. Kyle Saetern of Heart Butte grabbed fourth place with a time of 20.30, followed closely by Rhett Micheal of Cut Bank at 20.35. Heart Butte’s Thomas YoungRunning-Crane and Cut Bank’s Nathanial Anderson followed him in with times of 20.52, and 22.04. 

Cut Bank had the next six runners to cross the finish line led by Henry Gannon, 22.21, Xander Manley, 22.30, Jackson Black, 22.36, Peyton St. Goddard, 22.54, Brennan Hedges, 23.14, and Dalton Estey, 24.47. 

Ian Benjamin from Sunburst finished with a time of 24.53 and Yariel Rodriguez of Cut Bank completed the run in 28.45. 

The Sunburst cross country teams are scheduled to run again on Sept. 25 in Great Falls with the time to be announced.

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