Gabe Walker blocked for Cody Boggs, who was the top ground gainer in the game, carrying 16 times for 92 yards. Below, quarterback Jesse Carlson completed 14 of 22 pass attempts in Browning’s 18-12 loss to Polson.

While there weren’t any fans in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday, Sept. 11, many vehicles found what parking spots they could to honk and cheer Big Red as they faced Polson in the season’s first home game.

The Pirates took an early lead, using an onside kick in their opening play to secure the ball and eventually make the first score of the game. But Browning was not to be deterred, learning to handle what turned out to be a series of onside kicks from their opponents, holding them scoreless at short yardage and displaying a good combination of ground and air attacks to score twice.

“We played a hard fought game, but unfortunately turnovers hurt us,” Coach Jerry Racine said of the 18-12 loss. “We moved the ball extremely well on the ground and through the air. We also played a good defensive game against a pass-heavy team. We are improving in huge strides; we just have to clean up the turnovers and we will be a really good football team. We are pleased with how hard kids work in practice and it shows in the games. The confidence will continue to grow as we play.”

Quarterback Jesse Carlson landed 14 of 22 pass attempts for 174 yards, including a touchdown. Cody Boggs was tops on the ground with 16 carries and a TD while Jesse Carlson also carried 10 times for 31 yards. Cody Carlson made seven receptions for 92 yards, and Blayne DeRoche caught four, gaining 52 yards and a TD.

“Cody Boggs had a huge game rushing the ball which opened the passing lanes for QB Jesse Carlson to connect with his brother, Cody, and counterpart, Blayne DeRoche - both had a big games receiving.”

This week spells the second of three home games for Big Red, hosting Whitefish on Friday, Sept. 18, with kickoff slated for 7 p.m. at Arrowhead Stadium.

“These kids have a lot of heart and a great work ethic; we just have to keep working and good things will happen,” Coach Racine said. “I just want to add thank you all for the support.”

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