Sunburst’s Josh Kearns leaps high in the air to pull down this pass Friday against the Power/Dutton/Brady Titans.

The Sunburst Refiners football team struggled last Friday at home in their conference opener against the Power/Dutton/ Brady (PDB) Titans, losing 44-10. 

Sunburst struggled from the beginning trying to get their ground game going. “These guys were so quick, we tried to spread them out hoping to find some gaps in the defense,” said head coach Jason Hanson. “We did manage to move the ball from time to time but it was never enough to keep us in the game.”  

Hanson continued, “Defensively, we played pretty well. We did a great job of shutting down their run and held them to just six points with four minutes left in the first half.” 

The PDB aerial attack and a couple of Sunburst turnovers made the score lopsided, and the Refiners found themselves down 44-0 before they scored their first touchdown.

Quarterback Cade Hanson connected with Connor Sullivan for a 34-yard touchdown to put Sunburst on the scoreboard. Sunburst also scored a safety when the PDB snap went over the head of the Titan in the endzone. 

“I think we learned some things that should help us moving forward through the season,” said Hanson.

Sunburst will play again this Friday at home against Noxon. The non-conference game will start at 5 p.m.

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