The Browning golf teams converged on Polson last weekend for the divisional tournament. Three Lady Indian golfers qualified for the State Tournament in Butte this weekend. Jill Sure Chief placed seventh at 95 strokes to top all Browning players. Brittney Wagner and Brooke Blue both fired rounds of 114 to qualify for the state event.

As the sole BHS sport allowed to compete this week, Coach Brian Harrell said, “We are very fortunate to have qualified and to have been allowed to complete our season at Butte this weekend.”

The girls placed seventh overall with a combined score of 469 while the boys placed ninth overall at 499 total strokes.

The boys were led by Chris Hall in 37th at 105 strokes.

With divisionals in the rearview mirror, the season ends for Joslynn Grinsell, Chris Hall, Riley Cromwell, Keenan Rides At The Door, Francis Ground and Shandon Wagner.

“I was extremely proud of all of our golfers this season,” Harrell said. “It would have been easy to make excuses with all of the hurdles they had to navigate, but they didn’t. Everyone made huge improvements in their game and scores this season.

“Jill is going to the state tournament for the fourth year in a row. That in itself is a great accomplishment and something that she should be very proud of. I can’t think of a better representative of our school, community and tribe than Jill has been over the past four years,” Harrell said.

“Brittney Wagner is like the rock for our team,” said the coach. “She stays very calm, and that helps the entire team. She has made steady improvements even with the limited practice time available this summer. This will be her second state tournament in a row,” Harrell continued.

“Brooke Blue has a beautiful golf swing and a competitive streak that bodes well for her during competition. To qualify for state as an individual as a freshman is quite an accomplishment. She has a very bright future in golf and is only going to get better and better,” he said.

“Joslynn Grinsell made the most improvement in the team this season, and to barely miss the state tournament was awesome,” noted Harrell.

 “Chris Hall has continued to improve as the competition level continues to rise. Hopefully we have more practice time this next summer and I have no doubt that he will achieve the goals he has set for himself. The rest of the boys were very young and improved every day, and that’s all we can really ask of them,” concluded Harrell.

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Results from Northwestern A golf follow.


Browning Boys

Ninth overall at 499

37. Chris Hall 105

44. Riley Cromwell 115

45. Francis Ground 117

47. Keenan Rides At The Door 132

48. Shandon Wagner –


Browning Girls

Seventh overall at 469

7. Jill Sure Chief 95

29. Brittney Wagner 114

31. Brooke Blue 114

36. Joslynn Grinsell 125

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