Lisa Sheble  3rd graders

Dear Santa claus,

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I hope everyone gets a presents, I would like a phone case, a phone popsocket, Iphone, a think tip markers , a new headb band, and a big bucket of pretzles, a big bucket of gum, and a tablet case, a book I can read, a new book called I Spy Gold Challenge.



Dear Santa

I realy want a 1000v-buck card, a robux card, a pc, master cheif costume, master chief voice changer, xbox one, 2 Playstation 4 remotes, Playstation 4 gta5, 2 playstation plus cards, 2 playstiaon remotes, 2 xbox one controllers, pfafvrrHelp Wanted game, PlaystionVr. I have been really nice. How do your raindeer fly? Thank you jolly Santa.

Your caring child,


Dear Santa

This yeaer I have a lot to ask you. First I wont a Nolf gun, Minecraft and Mineons for Christmas. I need socks and jeans. Something to read is a Dr. Seuss’s book. A question for Santa. How is roodolf doing. I am very good. I wish everyone gets present.

Your friend,


Dear Santa

What I want for Christmas is Slime, a sweater, fursuit, a weird but true book. I’ve been good most of the time. I wish that we have lots of food. Can your reindeer fly super high?



Dear Santa

This year I ben very good this year I want some more swetshrits and a hoverboad and some more clothes for my American girl and five surprise ball and a new par of Vans shosee and clothes for me and some clothes for me dogs a cat. I need some fore efits. I want a weird but true books. I have a question. How do your raindree fly. What is your faorit cookies, do you stay warm inn that suit, do you like sweets, do your rain deer and elf git presents and do you git presents to? I wish evry boady will try to pick up trash instead of littering.

Loves always,


Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a game and what I need is a few “I Survived” books. I wish to stop world hunger. I want clotes. I just want a hoodie. I want to know how do you get from continent to continent? And I have been really nice this year.

From a nice boy, 


Dear Santa,

This year I have many things to tell you like what I want, need, and I have a few questions to and what I want for clthes and what I want to read and stuff like that.

What I want this year is a calf holter for my calf, tilly. I also want love, peace and joy for everyone. What I need is some more pajamas because every 2 weaks I run out.

I need some thing to sere for Christmas I want a Red, white and green dress. Because I have nothing to wear on Christmas. Ineed some thing to read I wanted a chapter book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book please)

How are you doing? You beter not have a cold. I have been relly nice. I got the kindness prize in school. Merry Christmas.

Your hopeful frend,


Dear Santa,

I want a drone a new (ipad) fire and a nintendo swich. I need sissors. I want a bobcat sweatshirt and Bad Guys 2. I have a question for you santa do you get tired on Shristmas? I want head phones. I have been very good. I wish I could see Rodolph.

From a very good kid,


Dear Santa,

I been really good to my parents and I really want a Tyler Lockett jersey. And I wish that everybody can be nice and ehlpful and I really want a pug and seahawk stickers I will try to be good for rest of December and try to be nice. And helpful.

From your frien,


Dear Santa

This year I have meny things to ask you. The first is a apple phone. And a phone case so it dost not break. And a screen saver to. I need more thin tip markers. And I need something to read like comics. I have a question for you. Do you really have reindeer that flay? This Christmas I hope there is no hungry kids.

From a very good


Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good anyway I have a Question how do you’er reindeer fly? I guess we will never know aneway. I want a cat for Christmas. I need seep and cat splis for 4 like cloths. I need seep and cat shaing cloths. I also want something to read like everafter nyie. A wish that I can have is if everyone can have a good Christmas.


A very good kid

Dear Santa

This Christmas I want Legos to build and a remote toy car and books to read and chapter books like I Survived boos. Then I need pencils and coloring stuff and a note book for all my writing. Then clothing I need lots of hoodies and some sweats. Heres a question for you how is Rudolph up there? Then I wish everybody food and water. I also have been very good. And Merry Christmas.

Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I need money for my mom. And I want some Minecoins for nineceraft. And I have a question how did you find Rudolph? And I wish for world peace. I have been good this year. And I need long sleeved shirts. And I want a book named Marck’s Misson.



Dear Satna,

I want a Hoverbord and I wish for happiness and love. I don’t need anything becase I am a very lucky child anyway I need something to read so I decided on Owl Diaries so don’t worry I have been very nice this year. I need something to. I need pajamas because every week I run out. how is Rudolph doing. What is your favorite tipe of cookie what does Miss. Claws do when you are gone? Well I guess I better stop.

From your friend,


Dear Santa,

What I want for Chrismas is the game of life, some cool stickers for my skateboard, a weird but true book a fortnite sweatshirt, and a football sweatshirt, some pants, a new super smash bros, a new football, some cinomon mints, a snowboard, Star Wars fallen order, Madden 20 for my Grandma’s Xbox 360, some Megolodon bookds, some prehistoric books and a One Wheel.

I’m good most of the time. I have a question for you. How do your raindeer fly? I wish to get good on a one wheel, I also with to get better at catching a football.

Your nice friend,


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