Read the local paper

Facebook is a very informative place to get the news.

The local paper has info the community can use.

FB has info that’s useful and gets around pretty fast.

The local paper’s news sometimes is news that’s passed.

It’s probably news that’s already been on FB and passed around.

You’ve heard the exaggerated 5th version; think that’s pretty profound.

This is about reading. Reading. Reading, keeping your mind intact.

So when the grandkids come around your stories aren’t abstract.

The local papers are the communities’ link to all what’s going on.

Gives the feel we’re all part of the community; it’s kinda the liaison.

Whether the headlines are something we don’t want to see,

The headlines announce an issue, gives information, acts as the referee.

Reading is something many people shy away from.

In school it’s required; it is part of the curriculum.

In almost everything we visualize,

Reading is a perquisite; we exercise our eyes.

Of course there’s a few who’d rather look at the pictures.

Reading, getting something out of it, makes you richer.

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