Kamdyn Molenda posed for some of her senior pictures in one of her favorite places–the track. Molenda is undefeated in the 100 meter race this season. She won her sixth straight race, below, last weekend. She pre-qualified for the State Meet in only the second race of the season. Her personal best time in the race this season is 12.9 seconds.

When Kamdyn Molenda was little, her family called her “crazy legs.” 

“When she would run, her long, skinny legs always moved faster than her body and were all over the place,” remembered Kacie Fey, Kam’s mom. “So we called her ‘crazy legs.’” 

There was no doubt in Kacie’s mind, however, that there would come a time in the future when Kam would be putting those “crazy legs” to good use. 

Kacie’s prediction for “Kam,” who is now a senior at Cut Bank High School, has indeed come true. Kam’s “crazy legs” are moving her down the track this season at “crazy” speeds, giving her some “crazy” good times in her favorite race, the 100 meters.

With the track season in full swing, Kam has pre-qualified for state in the 100 meter race, doing so a few weeks back at the Cal Wearly Memorial meet in Havre. The time that qualified her was 13.06.

“So far this year, I pre-qualified in the 100 at our second meet,” Kam said. “It takes some pressure off of districts and divisionals, knowing that I already made it to state.” On the other hand, “It can still be a lot of pressure trying to live up to that at every meet.”

“Kamdyn has been a leader on the team this year since winter conditioning started in November. She lifted regularly all winter to get strong and fit for this upcoming season. Once the season began she earned a title as captain and demonstrates her leadership skills daily. She helps to run warm-ups, shows what hard work looks like in practice and meet after meet she has put up great performances,” praised CBHS head track coach Shayle Ehlers. 

“Kamdyn is currently undefeated in the 100 meter race, with her best time being a state qualifying time of 12.9. Her speed, power and strength make it possible for her to compete in five events at every meet meaning she adds multiple points to the team score every meet and helps the 4x1 to run well. She will be busy at districts with all those events and we’re eager to see what she does this post season in her sprints and jumps,” added Ehlers.


ast year, as a junior, Kam took sixth in the state in the 100. She had a personal best in the 100 that year, running it in 12.93. She bettered that time this year with a new personal best of 12.9, which happened in a meet just a few weeks ago.

Not only has she run her fastest time, but in the first six meets of the season, Kam took first in the 100 each time, making her six for six. Those are some pretty impressive stats!

Former track coach Crystal Kain stated, “Kamdyn’s growth in track has been amazing to watch. I think one of the reasons she’s been able to steadily improve is her ability to set goals and then work hard to achieve them.”

Kain continued, “Track has a stigma of being an individual sport, but there’s a team aspect too. Kamdyn always bought into the team side of track and would do whatever was asked of her because she never wanted to let her coaches or teammates down. This attitude has led her to venture out of her comfort zone a bit and find success in events she probably would have never signed up for otherwise.”

Kacie shared, “Though she has played other sports all through high school and middle school, track has always been her passion. She knows where she needs to be and sets goals. One of her biggest goals has been to pre-qualify for state in the 100 early in the season. Last year she got the job done on the third meet of the year, this year, the second meet. Most girls lose speed the older they get. Their bodies change and their hips widen. Kam must be an exception to that rule because her ‘crazy legs’ keep getting faster and faster!”

“I have been in track since the sixth grade, but I started to really love it once I got into high school. I do the 100, 200, two relays, long jump, triple jump and the 400, when they can convince me to do it,” laughed Kamdyn. “I have also played volleyball and basketball and was also the wrestling manager this year.”

Along with sports, Kam is involved in Art Club, is the Student Body Vice President and President of National Honor Society. A pretty well-rounded kid and one that mom Kacie and her dad Aron Molenda, are very proud of.

“She is headstrong and driven. That is one of the qualities I admire the most about her, her drive. If she sets her mind to something, you can guarantee she will accomplish whatever it may be,” said Kacie. “She is wise beyond her years and I am beyond proud of the young lady she has become.”

“My mom is definitely my biggest fan. She is at every meet and even though I can’t always hear her, I know she is always in the stands screaming, ‘Go, Go, Go!’ She is incredibly supportive. I love making her proud of me, because I know she always is,” said Kam.

There is no doubt this young lady is competitive, that obviously, is one of the reasons she is so successful. But that is not the only thing she likes about being in track. 

“I love the competition and the camaraderie,” Kam shared. “My favorite part is being told good luck and then racing against them, only to receive a high-five at the finish line. I’ve made a ton of new friends because of sports and I am very grateful to all of them.”

With graduation coming in just a few short weeks, Kam knows where she will be going to college, MSU-Bozeman, but she is not quite sure what her major will be.

“She will figure it out,” said Kacie. And once she does, she will be on her way to another success in her life, no doubt. 

For now, however, this young lady with the “crazy legs” is going to keep those legs flying down the track, doing what she loves and doing it as fast as she possibly can. 

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