Grace Rooney received first place in the 15+ year old division of the Marias Fair Air Rifle tournament. 

The Glacier County 4-H shooting sports members have wrapped up another successful Marias Fair Archery and Air Rifle tournament. The Archery tournament was held Feb. 9 and 10 in Shelby and the Rifle tournament was Feb. 24 in Conrad. Members were coached by Don and Carolyn Popelka (archery) and Dennis Garcia and Art Rooney (rifle). 

At the Marias Fair archery tournament Glacier county youth earning top interview rosettes included Hadley Barbie, Kortney Hart, Jacob Hjartarson, and Jed Winkowitsch. Receiving trophies for top Marias Fair shooter were Jacob Hjartarson in the Primitive bow division, Brad Hjartarson in the Barebow division and Hadley Barbie in the Limited bow division. 

Members participating included Destini Anderson, Avery Barbee, Hadley Barbie, Dayne Barbie, RJ Barbie, Addisyn Bengtson, Elyse Bengtson, Braeden Benjamin, Tegan Boyce, Ashlyn Brown, Ethan Brown, Justus Cassidy, Tansy Cassidy, Kortney Hart, Brennan Hedges, Jacob Hjartarson, Brad Hjartarson, Brandeon Molenda, Bridger Molenda, Grace Rooney, Kolton Running Crane, Ethan Sullivan, Katelyn Suta, Jed Winkowitsch, and Ken Winkowitsch. 

Top award winners included:

9-10-year-old Barebow

2nd place – Tansy Cassidy, 3rd place – Elyse Bengtson

11-12-year-old Barebow

1st place – Brad Hjartarson

13–14-year-old Barebow

2nd place – Kolton Running Crane, 3rd place – Braeden Benjamin

15+ Barebow

1st place – Grace Rooney

9-10-year-old Bowhunter

2nd place – RJ Barbie, 3rd place – Bridger Molenda

11-12-year-old Bowhunter

1st place – Ken Winkowitsch, 3rd place – Jed Winkowitsch

13-14-year-old Bowhunter

2nd place – Jacob Hjartarson, 3rd place – Avery Barbee

13-14-year-old Limited 1st place – Hadley Barbie

9-10-year-old Primitive

1st place – Tegan Boyce

13-14-year-old Primitive

1st place – Jacob Hjartarson

At the Air Rifle tournament, Grace Rooney earned a top interview rosette. Members participating included Nateli Bohmer, Dafani Bohmer, Kayla Perry, Paxton Benjamin, Stefani Bohmer and Grace Rooney. Top award winners included:

Air Rifle

11 – 12-year-old division

2nd place – Dafani Bohmer

15+ year old division

1st place – Grace Rooney 

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