Excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to serve her community while doing what she loves most, cooking and baking, Robyn Kimmet is the proud new owner of TLC Catering LLC. Kimmet is currently available to take orders and can be reached at (406) 434-8087, (406) 450-8087, tlccateringllc@3rivers.net or by Facebook message.

The legacy of TLC Catering, now TLC Catering LLC, continues under the ownership and management of Robyn and Chris Kimmet.

Neither Robyn or Chris are new to the area, both growing up in Toole County– Robyn on the Wanken family farm and Chris also calling Shelby his childhood home. While busy already with their two children, Curtis, age three, and Maizy, one and menagerie of pets and animals, including 11 goats, when Robyn found out that prior TLC owner, Briana Tustian was moving, she decided to find out a bit more.

“It was on a whim, I asked Bri about it in mid-January because I knew they were leaving and I had always wanted to own a food service establishment,” said Robyn. “The price was within my husband’s and my budget. After a few hiccups, and the start of our first COVID-19 cases in Toole County, everything fell into place!”

Robyn attended college after graduating SHS and received two bachelor degrees, one in Rangeland Management and one in Nursing. While neither have much to do with catering, her true passion has been cooking, baking and feeding people since she was a kid.

“I have never officially worked in catering but I have cooked many harvest meals, which is kind of like catering,” smiled Robyn. “I worked at the Dash-In all through high school. When I went to college in Bozeman, I worked at the Pickle Barrel for seven-ish years, that was my favorite job! It became my home and family away from home and I always wanted to open one!”

It might not be a Pickle Barrel, but it’s sure to be even better as Robyn embarks on her dream job adventure. Cooking has been a stress reliever for her for years and she loves to bake, even though she doesn’t do as much of that as she would like to.

“I love to bake,” said Robyn. “But I don’t very often at home, otherwise I just eat pans full of dessert!”

Robyn has an arsenal full of recipes that she has been building on for years. A meatballs in chicken gravy dish she learned from a neighbor, chicken enchiladas learned from a childhood friend, Cajun shrimp fajitas that are easy and simply wonderful and a new favorite, Greek tacos, that she is excited to share.

“A new found love is Greek tacos,” shared Robyn. “Lamb burger is soft and delicate in texture and taste. Season it just right and make a quick tzatziki sauce and it’s a home run!”

Robyn has faced a few additional challenges as a new business owner, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Government regulations regarding social distancing and social hygiene during the pandemic have caused scheduled events to be cancelled or put on hold. Catering, to some degree, depends on group gatherings. As things start to slowly return to normal Robyn has been doing what she can, as she can.

“I would love to make cookies, bars, salads and really anything, almost anytime, for any amount of people,” said Robyn. “The salads are priced per serving, so I can make just a side dish for you if that is all you need. I don’t have a minimum order set, call me and ask. If I have the time, I’ll probably say yes! I hope by this winter to be at a point where I can offer individual orders, such as a sandwich and a cup of soup for lunch, but I’m not there yet.”

With the support she has received to date the odds are in favor that she will get to that point soon. Robyn shared that everyone, from her family, to her friends, to her church family and the community, have been nothing but supportive, something she truly appreciates.

“I have received support everywhere I turn,” said Robyn. “I think people were happy to hear that Shelby wasn’t going to lose another business. Bri helped me get my feet wet by allowing me help her with any events I was able to before she handed the business off to me.”

The possibilities are endless and Robyn is exited to explore them all. Feeding people is something she enjoys and she is looking forward to serving her community in that capacity. While meatballs in chicken gravy is her favorite dish to make she is happy to prepare whatever it is someone may want.

“I like catering to people, so if you tell me what you want or need, even if it isn’t on the menu, I will probably give it a go,” she smiled. “And being my own boss, I’m really excited about that!”

The support shown already has been phenomenal, but in order to keep the legacy of TLC with Robyn at the helm going continued support from all will be needed. The kitchen is located at 730 Granite Ave., in Shelby and people can call there, 434-8087, for more information or to order. Robyn can also be reached on her cell, 450-8087, by email, tlccateringllc@3rivers.net or send her a Facebook message. 

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