Here is a color coded map of the Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon start and finish line. Spectators will be asked to cheer on their athletes from designated areas.

The Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon will bring a host of athletes and spectators to town on June 12-13. “It feels like it has been a long time coming,” commented Race Director Carol Green.

“The whole thing started with a grant application from Montana Department of Tourism. We needed an event unique to the area. We already had a run course mapped out, but fun runs are not unique,” said Green.

“The lake offered the opportunity for a triathlon. A lot of people are interested in a triathlon, but many are not strong swimmers and open water swimming presents an even greater challenge. A triathlon also offers the opportunity to compete as a team for those who want to take part, but don’t feel they can complete the entire course on their own,” she continued.

COVID-19 left organizers wondering if they would be able to hold the event. They waited it out and Phase II of the reopening came just in time.

“We have an approved COVID-19 Plan in place, but the nature of the event allows us to go forward with minor changes. We already planned to start groups in waves. We will just make them smaller and plan more time between each start. Spectators will be reminded to social distance in designated spectator areas and any food items will be prepackaged,” said Green.

“The biggest change will be the Finish Line. Athletes will be asked to quickly disperse and celebrate with air high fives rather than a big sweaty group hug,” she added.

There are a few things to which the public and those attending the event should pay attention.

Parking for the event will be in the grassy field on the southeast corner of Dupuyer and Lake Road. Participants should arrive early enough to walk to the race start at the boat ramp.

Closed roads during the event will be:

• East Lake Road from Hwy. 44 to the east dam.

• Teton Avenue and Lake Road beginning at 7:30 a.m. on June 13.

•All roads will reopen by noon.

The boat ramp will be closed until noon on June 13 for the safety of the competitors. Boaters, campers, and fishermen are asked to be patient and enjoy watching the morning’s competition.

Bikers will be on Hwy. 44 and East Lake Road between 8:30-10:30 a.m. They have the right of way. Please slow down, watch for them, and follow instructions from flaggers.

Volunteers are needed to direct traffic, man aide stations, and help along the course. “These events are a lot of fun for everyone. If you can’t participate you can help make the event great for those who are competing,” concluded Green.

Registration is open through Thursday, June 4 at runsignup.com. Email questions to lakefrancestripleptriathlon@gmail.com or message the Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon Facebook page.

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