Cut Bank’s winter weather conditions took its toll on the old rope light Santa Claus display so when it was time to replace it Joanne Lindberg, Mike Lindberg and Glenda (Lindberg) Billman purchased another to replace it in memory of their late husband and father, Glen Lindberg. They donated the original Santa and reindeer display, too.

The Christmas lights at the courthouse and snowflakes up and down Main Street happen because of a wonderful team of people who dedicate time and energy to see that the lights go up each year. The Cut Bank Area Chamber of Commerce would not be able to continue the Christmas lights tradition for the Cut Bank community without all the amazing volunteers that make this a reality. But putting the lights up and taking them down each year is only half of the project. 

All the lights and lawn decorations at the courthouse as well as the snowflakes along Main Street are funded through donations and the Chamber simply could not continue to have this beautiful Christmas lighting display without the continued financial support of this community. The Cut Bank Chamber repairs the decorations each year, and when required we replace them with decorations that will last longer. The down side to that is when you order higher quality decorations, they come with a higher price tag. Also, on average it costs the Chamber approximately $10 per day in electrical costs to light the Courthouse Christmas display. This is why every donation makes a difference, whether it is the $5 donation or the $500 donation.

Donations of $250 or more are recognized with a plaque made with your name on it and who you are making the donation in memory or honor of. The plaques are displayed outside the courthouse while the lights are on for the season. The plaques are a great way to honor someone, either as a memorial tribute or as a special way to give a Christmas gift to a loved one.

To help with the lights and decorations, you can mail your donation to the Cut Bank Chamber, P.O. Box 1243, Cut Bank, MT, 59427. Please mark your check in the memo box “Christmas Lights.”

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