The Shelby Life Special Olympics team, consisting of Hollie Ackley, Shaylee Alford, Hans Eklund, Major Harris, William McDougall, Jessica Tomsheck and Unified Partner, Krystal Pester, had a great time competing at the Summer Games in June and held an awards ceremony in City Park, recognizing all athletes and their accomplishments, on June 6.

The Shelby Life Special Olympics Team recently competed in the 2021 State Summer Games and did a fantastic job! All seven athletes came ready to compete and all placed in different events.

Hollie Ackley took fourth place in the softball throw, Shaylee Alford placed third in the event, Hans Eklund also brought home a fourth place ribbon and Major Harris took second place.

Alford also took first place in the 50-meter walk and fourth place in individual Bocce.

Eklund and Tomsheck both finished the 100-meter dash in fourth place and when it came to the Turbo Jav event William McDougall took first and Tomsheck placed fourth.

When it came to individual Bocce quite a few Shelby athletes competed with Tomsheck taking third, McDougall taking fourth, Harris taking fifth and Eklund also bringing home fourth place.

McDougall was the only Shelby Life member to compete in Unified Double Bocce and he did so with Shelby Life Unified Partner, Krystal Pester. The duo brought home a fifth place finish.

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