Nine youth bowlers from Glacier Lanes competed at the Youth State Bowling Tournament in Helena earlier this year.

The bowlers who attended were Jeremy Gallagher, Jacqualyn McMullan, Logan Dell, Braden DeZort, Kaven Krapf, Crystal Higgins, Brianne Higgins, Brittney Moore and Peyton Volkman.

The following is a listing of the bowlers who placed and the events in which they placed.

Braden DeZort–Divison 2: Team, 2nd; Singles, 4th.

Brianne Higgins–Division 1: Doubles, 6th; Division 3: Singles 8; Division 3: AE Hdcp., 12th.

Brittney Moore–Division 3: Singles, 4ty.

Crystal Higgins–Division 3: Singles, 10th; AE Hdcp., 16th.

Jacqualyn McMullan–Division 2; Team, 1st; Doubles, 4th; Doubles, 5th.

Jeremy Gallagher–Division 1: Singles, 8th; AE Hdcp., 3rd; Doubles, 6th; Team, 2nd. Division 2: Team, 1st; Team 2nd.

Kaven Krapf–Division 2: Team, 1st; Team, 2nd; Doubles, 5th. Division 3: AE Hdcp., 4th.

Logan Dell–Division 2: Team, 2nd.

Peyton Volkman–Division 2: Team, 1st; Doubles, 4th. Division 3: Singles, 2nd; AE Hdcp., 2nd.

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