There truly was a baby Shark in the water last weekend at the Conrad Invitational Swim Meet when Rusty Waller, at just three years old, swam in his first ever swim meet, competing in the 25 freestyle event. Rusty is the son of Josh and Kayla Waller.

This past weekend the Cut Bank Sharks swim team traveled to compete at the Conrad Invitational Swim meet. Twelve Sharks competed and scored a total of 229 points. 

At just three years old, Rusty Waller competed at his first ever swim meet. Rusty swam the 25 freestyle and grabbed the attention of many including the head starter. For a swimmer his age, he displays a huge amount of confidence and bravery. 

Another young swimmer, MyKayla “Mykee” Waller competed in three events for the eight and under age group and qualified in all three. Mykee cut a huge amount of time on Saturday in two events. Mykee’s seed time in the 25 meter backstroke was a 42.54 and on Saturday she swam it in a 28.62. In the 25 freestyle Mykee had a seed time of 41.46 and swam the freestyle Saturday in a 26.84. She also swam the 25 breaststroke with a time of 43.06. Coming to practice twice a day is really paying off for her. 

Sierra Freedenburg scored 33 points for the team taking home two 2nd place finishes for the 9-10 age group; one in the 50 breaststroke with a time of 51.92 and the other in the 50 backstroke with a time of 46.21. Along with Sierra’s 4th place finish in the 50 free, Sierra is showing promise in qualifying in all events for the state swim meet. 

Dafani Bohmer is a swimmer that excels at the freestyle for the 11-12 age group. Dafani scored 25 points for the team taking 4th in the 100 freestyle and 5th in the 50 freestyle for the 11-12 age group. Dafani is a swimmer that shows up consistently for practices and it is paying off.

Avonlea Andersen, an 11-12 age group swimmer, competed in the 50 backstroke for the first time this season. As the season gets closer to Divisionals, swimmers are looking at what events they have faster times in that will qualify them for State. Avonlea placed 7th in the 50 backstroke with a time of 50.49 and 4th in the 50 breaststroke with a time of 48.84. 

Three boys for the 11-12 age group were able to grab a total of 53 points for the team. Cayden Blackman placed 5th in the 50 backstroke, Latham Johnson placed 5th in the 50 breaststroke, and Zac Pascoe placed 7th in the 50 breaststroke. 

Dalton Estey is a 15-19 age swimmer willing to exhibition events; (swimming an event, but not eligible for points). He exhibitioned the 100 fly this weekend just to see how he could do in it. This is a swimmer that is looking to better himself and try new things that may be out of his comfort zone. Dalton scored 22 points for the team. Dalton also swam his three regular events including 50 freestyle, 100 backstroke, and the 100 freestyle. 

Andrew Andersen scored 26 points for the team in the 15-19 age group. Andrew had two 3rd place finishes in the 100 breaststroke and 50 freestyle and a 7th place finish in the 50 fly. This is Andrew’s last year of swim team with hopes to place at state in all three of his events.

The Cut Bank Sharks will be competing at the Chester Invitational July 20-21.

Here are the top 12 results from this past weekend:

Senior Boys: Andrew Andersen: 50 Free 3rd place, 50 breast 3rd place, and 50 fly 7th place. Carl Estey: 50 Free 7th place and 100 Fly 4th place. Dalton Estey: 50 Free 6th place, 100 Free 7th place, and 100 back 4th place.

Intermediate Girls: Stefani Bohmer: 200 Free 6th place and 100 Fly; 4th place.

Junior Boys: Cayden Blackman: 50 Free 8th place, 100 Free 6th place, and 50 Back 5th place. Latham Johnson: 50 Free 10th place, 50 Breast 5th place, and 50 Back 6th place. Zac Pascoe: 50 Free 9th place, 50 Breast 7th place, and 100 Free 8th place.

Junior Girls: Avonlea Andersen: 50 Free 12th place, 50 Breast 4th place, and 50 Back 7th place. Dafani Bohmer: 50 Free 5th place, 50 Breast 5th place, and 100 Free 4th place.

Midget: Sierra Freedenburg: 50 Free 4th place, 50 Breast 2nd place, and 50 Back 2nd place.

Bantam Girls: MyKayla Waller: 25 Free 8th place, and 25 Back 5th place.

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