Doug Norman set the Senior Men’s Arena Race Record.

Club Members in

High Point Standings

Senior Men

1st Lee Peterson-605

6th Doug Norman-320

7th Jay Aspevig-310

16-39 Men

4th Brian Aspevig 330

5th Jack Norman 315

8th Kenny Habets 220

46+ Women

1st Kim Norman 600

31-45 Women

2nd Kelley McComb-425

10th Nisha Manley-160

16-39 Women

2nd Stine Decker 335

4th Jodi Norman 315

9th Hanna Manley 200


8th Kassidee Owens 255


1st Tansy Cassidy 645

2nd Kambryn Eubanks 445

9th Josh Owens 250

10th Justus Cassidy 245

11th Ray Dagel 225

Under 8

10th Adley Emrich 185


State Results

Key Race

Under 8-Adley Emrich 8th, Avery Emrich 9th . 

8-11-Tansy Cassidy 3rd, Joshua Owens 4th, Justus Cassidy 5th, Ray Dagel 8th. 12-15- Kassidee Owens 6th. 

16-30 Women-Stine Decker 7th, Brenda Popelka 9th.

31-45 Women- Renee Thompson 4th, Nisha Manley 6th. 

46+ Women-Kim Norman 2nd, Barbara Aspevig 7th. 

16-39 Men-Brian Aspevig 4th, Kenny Habets, Conrad 5th, Jack Norman 8th, Ian Larson 9th.  

40+ Men-Lee Peterson 1st, 10.878; Jay Aspevig 3rd. 

Speed Barrels

Under 8-Adley Emrich 7th, Avery Emrich 8th, Beau Dagel 9th. 

8-11-Tansy Cassidy 1st, 11.134; Kambryn Eubanks 2nd, Justus Cassidy 5th, Ray Dagel 6th. 

16-30 Women-Hanna Manley 1st, 10.517; Jodi Norman 4th, Stine Decker 9th. 

31-45 Women-Kelley McComb 5th, Nisha Manley 9th, Nikole Owens 11th.  

46+ Women-Kim Norman 3rd. 

16-39 Men-Jack Norman 1st, 10.650; Brian Aspevig 6th, Ian Larson 10th. 

40+ Men-Doug Norman 2nd, Lee Peterson 4th, Jay Aspevig 9th.

Pole Bending

Under 8-Adley Emrich 7th, Avery Emrich 8th. 

 8-11-Tansy Cassidy 1st, 25.780; Justus Cassidy 5th, Joshua Owens 6th,  Ray Dagel 9th. 

2-15- Kassidee Owens 3rd. 

16-30 Women-Stine Decker 2nd, Rayenn Thompson 6th. 31-45 Women-Kelley McComb 3rd, Renee Thompson 8th.  

46+ Women-Kim Norman 4th, Sandi Manley 8th. 

16-39 Men-Brian Aspevig 8th. 

40+ Men- Lee Peterson 1st, 24.559;  Doug Norman 5th, Jay Aspevig 7th. 

Half 8

Under 8- Adley Emrich 8th, Avery Emrich 9th, Beau Dagel 10th.  

8-11-Kambryn Eubanks 1st, 11.424; Tansy Cassidy 3rd, Justus Cassidy 8th. 

12-15-Kassidee Owens 8th. 

16-30 Women-Stine Decker 6th, Jodi Norman 8th.  

31-45 Women-Kelley McComb 5th. 

46+ Women-Kim Norman 3rd. 

16-39 Men-Brian Aspevig 3rd, Jack Norman 4th, Kenny Habets 7th, Jacob Emrich 10th.  

40+ Men-Lee Peterson 1st & Record 11.615, Jay Aspevig 7th.

Figure 8 Stake

 Under 8-Avery Emrich 10th. 

 8-11-Tansy Cassidy 2nd, Kambryn Eubanks 3rd, Ray Dagel 5th, Joshua Owens 10th.  

12-15- Kassidee Owens 10th.

16-30 Women-Stine Decker 1st, 18.666; Jodi Norman 2nd, Rayenn Thompson 9th.  

31-45 Women-Kelley McComb 6th, Renee Thompson 8th, Nisha Manley 10th.  

46+ Women-Kim Norman 2nd . 

16-39 Men- Jack Norman 6th, Ian Larson 10th.  

40+ Men- Lee Peterson 2nd, Doug Norman 4th, Jay Aspevig 8th. 

Graduated Barrel & Stake 

Under 8-Avery Emrich 5th, Adley Emrich  8th, Beau Dagel  10th.

8-11-Joshua Owens 3rd, Tansy Cassidy 5th, Kambryn Eubanks 6th.  

Barrel & Stake

31-45 Women- Kelley McComb 2nd, Nisha Manley 3rd, Tara Hart, Conrad, 8th, Renee Thompson 9th. 46+ Women-Kim Norman 1st, 36.018.  

16-39 Men-Kenny Habets 5th. 

40+ Men-Jay Aspevig 7th, Lee Peterson 8th. 

Mini Pair Under 8

Ella Povey & Kaysea Randolph 7th, Adley & Avery Emrich 8th.

8-11 Pair Turn n Burn

Joshua Owens & Cassie Gibson 1st & Record  21.189, Kambryn Eubanks & Ray Dagel 2nd, Tansy & Justus Cassidy 4th. 

12-15 Express Rescue

Jeremiah Swenson & Kassidee Owens 2nd, 4th Kaleb Owens & Benny Brown, Havre. 

Pair Sack Adult

Jay & Brian Aspevig 1st 10.511, Jack & Jodi Norman 2nd, 10.771, Jacob Emrich & Brenda Popelka (tie) Runoff 5th, Stine Decker & Kelley McComb 9th, Doug & Kim Norman 11th.

Team Arena Adult

1st & Record 54.681 Lee Peterson, Kelley McComb, Stine Decker, Keith Smith; Tara Hart, Kenny Habets, Ed Visnovske, Kalispell, & Jonathon King, Anaconda 7th.

Arena Race

Under 8-Kaysea Randolph, Glendive, 8th. 

8-11-Tansy Cassidy 1st, 10.309; 3rd Kambryn Eubanks, Ray Dagel 9th, Joshua Owens 10th.  

12-15- Kassidee Owens 7th. 

16-30 Women-Hanna Manley 1st & Record 10.156, Jodi Norman 3rd.

31-45 Women- Kelley McComb 6th. 

46+ Women-Kim Norman 2nd, Brenda Kartevold, Glendive 4th. 

16-39 Men- Kenny Habets 6th, Jacob Emrich, Great Falls 7th, Jack Norman 9th, Ian Larson 10th. 

40+ Men-Doug Norman 1st & 10.188, Lee Peterson 2nd (tied for record), Jay Aspevig 10th.

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