Browning’s Big Red Football Machine is on the march again, with their first contest slated for Friday, Aug. 28, in Ronan. Many special rules are in place to assure a safe, non-infectious game.

This week, after much deliberation and planning, Browning’s Big Red is set to compete in their first game of the 2020 season, away on Friday at Ronan. And while there is much excitement over sports of all kinds getting underway, this season is like no other.

“We had around 50 turn out,” Coach Jerry Racine said. “It’s a great group, senior-led and good upperclassmen on the team.” For home games, the coach hopes to field around 40 players while only 30 will go to away games. To accommodate the numbers while maintaining social distancing, multiple busses will likely be needed.

Each venue has different rules regarding fans, with Ronan offering a total of 80 tickets to Browning fans which will be distributed two per player and two per coaching staff member. Other schools will not allow visiting fans at all or just a few. And the rules regarding fans are subject to change as the pandemic situation changes.

Each school also has different rules for dressing and locker rooms. At Ronan, Browning players will bring their own towels and water bottles.

“I’m really excited,” Coach Racine said of the upcoming season. “There wasn’t any off-season for us, but we have a veteran group with experienced players so we’re banking on that.”

Some of the players to watch for include Chucky Brave Rock and Cody Carlson, both all-conference players last year. Additionally, the team is bolstered by the presence of Blayne DeRoche, Cody Boggs and Justice Johnson.

Finally, the future, while never assured, is even more unknown than in the past.

“We’re only guaranteed one game,” Coach Racine said, “so we’re playing it by ear.”

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