Nolan Conway

Final results for local cowboys and cowgirls from the Bozeman Stampede in  Bozeman, Aug. 8-10, produced by Sankey Rodeo Company:

Team roping: 6. Dustin Bird/Sid Sporer, 4.9 seconds, $827. 

Barrel racing: 9. (tie) Tia Murphy and Abby Phillips, 17.78, $328 each. 

Final results from the Cascade Pro Rodeo, Cascade, Aug. 9-10, produced by New West Rodeo Productions are as follows.

Steer wrestling: 3. Nolan Conway, 4.6, $862.

Team roping: 3. Nolan Conway and Shawn Bird, 6.7 seconds, $982. 

Barrel racing: 7. Tia Murphy, 18.04, $321.

Final results from the Missoula Stampede, Missoula, Aug. 8-10, produced by Sankey Rodeo Company are as follows.

Bareback riding: 7. (tie) Buck Lunak and Wyatt Bloom, 80, $225 each.

Bull riding: 2. Jayde Murphy, 84, $1,643. 8. Cole Wagner, 73, $214. 

Final results from the Fallon County Fair PRCA Rodeo, Baker, Aug. 17-18, produced by C5 Rodeo are as follows.

Barrel racing: 14. Tia Murphy, 15.05, $317.

Final results from the Northwest Montana Fair PRCA Rodeo, Kalispell, Aug. 15-16, produced by Kesler Rodeo and Kesler Championship Rodeo are as follows.

Barrel racing: 1. Tia Murphy, 17.20, $2,175.

Final results from the Yellowstone River Round-up Pro Rodeo, Billings, Aug. 15-17, produced by Sankey Rodeo Company are as follows.

Team roping: 9. (tie) Nolan Conway and Shawn Bird tied with Erich Rogers and Paden Bray, 5.6, $354 each. 

Barrel racing: 1. Tia Murphy, 17.18, $2,496 each.

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