Lucius Johnson and Ava Shook enjoyed playing in the Shamrock Shootout Racquetball tournament for the first time.

The 2019 Shamrock Shootout was held March 15-17, at the Joe Meagher Civic Center. Results are listed below.

Men’s Open

1st – Coby Iwaasa, Lethbridge; 2nd – Mitch Brayley, Calgary; 3rd – Naman Gauri, Lethbridge.

Men’s A

1st – Erin Geraaert, Calgary; 2nd – Dan McClennan, Calgary; 3rd – Mike McConnel, Helena.

Men’s B

1st – Kyle Cannon, Bozeman; 2nd – Marie Hawkins, Anaconda; 3rd – Joe Sisk, Galata.

Men’s C

1st – Nathan Miller, Calgary; 2nd – Anup Gauri, Lethbridge; 3rd – Julian Levoie, Calgary.

Men’s +45

1st – Scott Sutherland, Great Falls; 2nd – John Zakrzewski, Laurel; 3rd – Peter Bulley, Laurel.

Men’s +55

1st – Terry Leblanc, Lethbridge; 2nd – Randy Weaver, Cut Bank; 3rd – Frank Malesan, Lethbridge. 


1st – Stephanie Drozdz, Bozeman; 2nd – Sara Sikorski, Helena; 3rd – Deb Friesen, Cut Bank.

Cut Throat

1st – Chris Weber, Billings; 2nd – Shane Koski, Bozeman; 3rd – Dave McClellan, Calgary.

Open Doubles

1st – Coby Iwaasa, Lethbridge and Chris Weber, Billings; 2nd – Gavin Usher and Taner Trujillo, Bozeman; 3rd – Glen Yaretz and Erin Geraaert, Calgary.

B/C Doubles

1st – Paul Lindemuth and Dominic Pisareski, Bozeman; 2nd – Kyle Cannon and Eric Zakrzewski, Bozeman; 3rd – Brian McDowell, Calgary and Josh Biegler, Cut Bank. 

Mixed Doubles

1st – Leroy and Lori Kountz, Glasgow; 2nd – Stephanie Drozdz and Taner Trujillo, Bozeman; 3rd – Marie Hawkins, Anaconda and Mike Schultz, Cut Bank.

+45 Doubles

1st – Scott Krushenski, Bozeman and Scott Sutherland, Great Falls; 2nd – Terry Leblanc and Daryl Brockworth, Lethbridge; 3rd – Randy Weaver, Cut Bank and Mark Westveer, Stanford.


Eli Schultz, Tadan Shook, Taven Aldrich, Lucius Johnson and Ava Shook, all of Cut Bank.

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