Paying more attention to his pig than the bidding going on around him, Kenneth Winkowitsch showed off his superb showman skills in the livestock auction arena at the Four-County Marias Fair. 

Glacier County 4-H members excelled at the 2021 Four-County Marias Fair. Here are the results of how they did!

Top Interviews

Ashlyn Brown-Sewing & TextilesLexi Stubbs-Foods BakingOlivia Bradley (Blackfeet 4-H)-Baking

Will Suta-Baking

Grace Rooney-CookingAshlyn Brown-Cooking

Josalyn Wilder-Photography

Camille Bradley-Visual Arts/Scrapbooking

James McIlvain-Leathercraft

Hadley Barbie-Dog

Ethan Brown-Cat 

Ken Winkowitsch-Pocket Pet

Brad Hjartarson-Poultry 

Beretta Winkowitsch-Rabbit Katelyn Suta-Swine Josalyn Wilder-Swine Ashlyn Brown-Goat

Wyatt Berkram-Beef 

Grace Rooney-Swine 

Kortney Hart-Swine 

Darci Littrell-Swine 

Best of Class ExhibitsOlivia Bradley-Baked Food-Jr.

Katelyn Suta-Baked Food-Sr.

Addisyn Bengtson-Decorated Food-Sr. 

Grace Rooney-Cooking-Sr.

Destini Anderson-Photography-Jr.

Josalyn Wilder-Photography-Sr.

Destini Anderson-Scrapbooking-Jr.

Camille Bradley-Leadership-Sr.

Tegan Boyce-Plant & Natural Science, 4-H Outdoors-Jr.

Kaida Kaquatosh-Shooting Sports-Jr.

Corin Brown-Leathercraft-Pre Jr. 

James McIlvain-Leathercraft-Jr.

Colt Boyce-Welding-Pre Jr. 

Beretta Winkowitsch-Woodworking-Jr.

Emily Roberts-Dog Exhibit-Pre Jr.

Brad Hjartarson-Poultry Exhibit-Sr. 

Grace Rooney-Sheep Exhibit-Sr.

Emily Roberts-Swine Exhibit-Pre Jr.

Ashlyn Brown-Swine Exhibit-Sr.

Tegan Boyce-Horse Exhibit-Jr.

Best of Show Exhibits

Addisyn Bengtson-Decorated Foods

Camille Bradley-Visual Arts

Tegan Boyce-Plant Science & Outdoor Sports

Brad Hjartarson-Small Animal

Public PresentationsSammie McCauley-Demonstration-Pre Jr.

Alec Morrisett-Commercial-Pre Jr. 

Emily Roberts-Illustrated Talk-Pre Jr. 

Alec Morrisett-All Categories Overall-2nd place

Emily Roberts-Marias River Livestock Assoc. Sheep Award


Miles Geer-Swine Showmanship-First Place Pre Jr. 

Alec Morrisett-Swine Showmanship-Third Place Pre Jr. 

Destini Anderson-Swine Showmanship-First Place Jr.

Katelyn Suta-Swine Showmanship-First Place Sr. 

and Grand Champion Overall 

Jed Winkowitsch-Swine Showmanship-Second Place Sr. and Reserve Champion Overall 

Katelyn Suta-Market Hog-Reserve Champion Overall 

Katelyn Suta-Breeding Swine–Grand Champion Overall 

Destini Anderson-Top Swine Herdsmanship Overall


Bodie Barbie-Cat Showmanship-Grand Champion Pre Jr.

Emily Roberts-Cat Showmanship-Third Place Pre Jr.

Ethan Brown-Cat Showmanship-Reserve Champion Jr.

Bodie Barbie-Cat Showmanship-Grand Champion OverallRabbit

Lexi Stubbs-Buck Rabbit-Grand Champion

Beretta Winkowitsch-Buck Rabbit-Reserve Champion

Lexi Stubbs-Doe Rabbit-Grand Champion

Lexi Stubbs-Rabbit-Grand Champion Overall

Lexi Stubbs-Rabbit-Reserve Champion Overall

Lexi Stubbs-Rabbit Showmanship-First Place Pre Jr.

Beretta Winkowitsch-Rabbit Showmanship-First Place Jr.

Pocket Pet

Jed Winkowitsch-Pocket Pet Showmanship-First Place Sr.

Ken Winkowitsch-Pocket Pet Showmanship-Second Place Sr. and Reserve Champion Overall


Regan Walter-Beef Showmanship-First Place Sr.

Destini Anderson-Dairy Showmanship-First Place Jr. and

Grand Champion Overall

Destini Anderson-Dairy Animal-Grand Champion Overall

Beretta Winkowitsch-Top Charolais Influenced Steer,

Beretta Winkowitsch-Top Angus Influenced Steer (50% or more)

Beretta Winkowitsch-Beef Showmanship,Third Place Jr.

Wyatt Berkram-Breeding Animal-Reserve Champion

Dallas Berkram-Top Breeding Heifer and Beef Showmanship,

 Second Place Jr.

Wyatt Berkram-Bred Heifer Project-Grand Champion

Destini Anderson-Top Dairy Cattle Herdsmanship


Sammie McCauley-Sheep Showmanship-First Place Pre Jr.

Emily Roberts-Sheep Showmanship-Third Place Pre Jr.

Grace Rooney-Sheep Showmanship-Second Place Sr.

Sammie McCauley-Most Promising Beginner-Sheep Project


Grace Rooney-Western Showmanship-Reserve Champion Sr. and Reserve Champion Overall; Reserve Champion Level 7.

Josalyn Wilder-Colt to Maturity-Grand Champion 2-Year-Old

Grace Rooney-English Pleasure-Third Place Levels 4-7 and Grand Champion Level 7; and In-Hand Trail-Grand Champion Sr.

Josalyn Wilder-Top Horse Herdsman Overall

Freestyle Horse Events

Grace Rooney-Barrels-Third Place Sr.


Corin Brown-Goat Showmanship-First Place Pre Jr.

Lexi Stubbs-Goat Showmanship-Second Place Pre Jr.

Ashlyn Brown-Goat Showmanship-First Place Jr. and Reserve Champion Overall

Jed Winkowitsch-Goat Showmanship-First Place Sr.

Ken Winkowitsch-Goat Showmanship-Second Place Sr.

Ashlyn Brown-Dairy Goat-Grand Champion Overall

Ethan Brown-Dairy Goat-Reserve Champion Overall

Elyse Bengtson-Most Promising Beginner-Goat Project

Elyse Bengtson-Top Goat Herdsmanship Overall


Ken Winkowitsch-Hen or Pullet-Grand Champion

Jed Winkowitsch-Hen or Pullet-Reserve Champion

Lexi Stubbs-Cock or Cockerel-Reserve Champion

Ken Winkowitsch-Poultry-Grand Champion Overall

Lexi Stubbs-Poultry Showmanship-Second Place Pre Jr.

Brad Hjartarson-Poultry Showmanship-First Place Jr.

Jacob Hjartarson-Poultry Showmanship-FirstPlace Sr.

Jed Winkowitsch-Poultry Showmanship-Second Place Sr.

Ken Winkowitsch-Poultry Showmanship-Third Place Sr.

Jacob Hjartarson-Poultry Showmanship-Grand Champion

Brad Hjartarson-Poultry ShowmanshipReserve Champion

Lexi Stubbs-Old or Young Trio-Grand Champion


Ja-el McIlvain-Novice B-First Place

Beretta Winkowitsch and Lexi Stubbs-Sub-Novice B-Third Place

Ja-el McIlvain-Obedience-Grand Champion Overall

Lexi Stubbs-Dog Showmanship-First Place Pre Jr.

Ja-el McIlvain-Dog Showmanship-First Place Jr.

Beretta Winkowitsch-Dog Showmanship-Second Place Jr.

RJ Barbie-Dog Showmanship-Third Place Jr.

Hadley Barbie-Dog Showmanship-Third Place Sr.

Lexi Stubbs-Dog Showmanship-Grand Champion Overall

Ja-el McIlvain-Dog Showmanship-Reserve Champion Overall

Lexi Stubbs-Dog Project Overall-High Point

Round Robin

Katelyn Suta-Showmanship-Reserve Champion

Livestock Judging

Sammie McCauley, Kortlan Murphy, Colt Boyce-Livestock Judging Team-First Place Pre-Jr

Elyse Bengtson, Destini Anderson, Bridger Molenda-Livestock Judging Team-First Place Jr.

Darci Littrell, Addisyn Bengtson, Wyatt Berkram-Livestock Judging Team-First Place Sr.

Sammie McCauley-Livestock Judging Individual-First Place Pre-Jr

Kortlan Murphy-Livestock Judging Individual-Second Place Pre-Jr

Elyse Bengtson-Livestock Judging Individual-Third Place Jr.

Darci Littrell-Livestock Judging Individual-First Place Sr.

Addisyn Bengtson-Livestock Judging Individual-Third Place Sr.

Darci Littrell-Livestock Judging Individual-Grand Champion Overall


Grace Rooney-Don Nelson Scholarship

Wyatt Berkram-Dean Peterson Memorial Award

High Point

Ashlyn Brown-High Point Glacier County

Janae Roberts-3rd place overall High Point

Ashlyn Brown-Overall High Point

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