Finding his way through the Yellowjacket line, Tommy Running Rabbit has been a major ground gainer for Browning this season. 

While it was East Helena with the first eight points in the first quarter of last Friday’s game on the road, Browning’s Big Red went on a scoring spree in the second and third quarter to amass 40 points. Although East Helena made two trips to the end zone in the fourth quarter, Big Red chalked up their first win of the season, 40-22.

“It was nice to get a win,” Coach Jerry Racine said. “Things are starting to click for us, and the kids are gaining more confidence in their jobs. The goal was simple: don’t turn the ball over and play hard. We have confidence in our abilities; we just can’t turn the ball over so we worked on that this past week. We had zero turnovers which led to more plays on offense resulting in more scores.”

Tommy Running Rabbit scored three touchdowns on the ground, including a 67-yarder. Brendyn Whiteman scored from five yards out, and Joe Bull Shoe added a receiving touchdown. Quarterback Jesse Carlson scored on a keeper that topped the scoring for Browning.

“We came out a little flat, which affected us on both sides of the ball,” the coach said. “But we got it going and everything was working. Our offensive line was the MVP of the game as our quarterback was never touched and we had over 200 yards of rushing so that was a result of the big boys’ hard work. On defense the goal was to stop the run and force them to throw against our corners. We let a few plays happen at the beginning of the game because of being flat, but as soon as they settled in we had three takeaways and completely shut down their offense.”

This week, Big Red goes to Ronan on Friday, Sept. 24, where kickoff is slated for 7 p.m.

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