The high school girls take off on a long, hot and dusty race Friday in Cut Bank at the annual Mike Reynolds Time Trials. Runners pictured, left to right, from Sunburst, Cut Bank and Browning are Brooke Holland, Gabby Cosme, Kellyn Dunaway, Stella Overstreet, Grace Poulton, Kiara Iron Heart, Mecca Bull Child, Chalissa Kipp (hidden behind Mecca), Mishayla Croff, Jadie Butterfly, Haley Red Horn.

With pandemic restrictions in place that limit Browning cross country teams to varsity-only status, Coach Roy McNabb has let experience guide him in allowing all his runners to participate in the lead-up to divisional and state competition. This week, he is fielding the runners who did not compete at Cut Bank, knowing that each runner progresses at their own pace and that anyone can stand out as the season matures.

For example, he noted front-runner Jeremy Bockus had foot issues at Cut Bank, holding him to an eighth place finish behind freshman runner Makia Ehlers who came in fourth. The outcome not only encourages other underclassmen to aim for the stars, but also shows veterans their need to continue improving.

This week, Browning cross country traveled to Butte for an invitational tournament on Sept. 8. On Saturday, Sept. 12, they’re off to Havre for an invitational tourney where the boys start at 10 a.m. and the girls at 11 a.m.

Results from Cut Bank follow.

Cut Bank Invitational

Browning Girls

4. Kiara Iron Heart 22:41

8. Brooke Holland 25:08

10. Chalissa Kipp 25:22

12. Jadie Butterfly 26:08

14. Haley Redhorn 26:49

19. Mishayla Croff 29:19

20. Bonnie Crow Spreads His Wings 29:51

Browning Boys

5. Makia Ehlers 19:33.40

8. Jeremy Bockus 19:37

10. Jordan Calf Robe 20:23

14. Dale Carlson 21:51

20. Phillip Sure Chief 23:40

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