Catcher Jerel WhiteGrass kept a close eye on the action in last week’s game, making some key plays for the team.

Hometown fans got the opportunity to check out Browning High School’s new softball facility on Friday, April 2, as they hosted the Havre JVs and varsity to a pair of games. The new ball park sits atop a hill opposite the high school and overlooks not only Browning itself, but the Rocky Mountain Front and Glacier National Park.

Warm temperatures made up for fairly strong wind conditions that day as the Lady Indians, a young team, tried its best against a seasoned team from Havre. It was the second game of the week, with the Browning girls having played against Conrad on the road on Thursday, April 1.

“Our team is still so young,” Coach Jim Vaile said. “The girls are trying really hard to get it down so I have to give them a shout-out for their efforts. We have to develop pitching in the younger grades, but we have three really good pitchers who are coachable – actually they’re all really coachable – but it takes time.”

Coach Vaile noted Gianna Vickers having completed a double play against one of Havre’s stronger hitters. “That’s how these girls can play if everyone plays together,” he said. “We have great diversity of talent so we should be okay at conference time.”

The Lady Indians have no games scheduled this week, but will host Cut Bank on April 13 and East Helena on April 15.

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