Big Sky Foods Bakery Manager Ricki Juneau has been busy trying to keep the shelves stocked with holiday treats, including peanut brittle which is “flying off the shelves.” Varieties of fudge and cookie trays are also extremely popular at the Big Sky Foods Bakery.

Christmas and baking seem to go hand-in-hand. When that season is upon us, it just seems right to get in the kitchen and start baking up some holiday goodies.

But Christmas is also a very busy time and for some, while they enjoy baking, it is just too time consuming. That is when it is great to have another place or places to turn for some homemade, delicious holiday treats.

Cut Bank is fortunate to have a number of places you can order Christmas goodies. Places like Garden of Eat-In, the Village Dining and Lounge, Albertsons and Big Sky Foods offer tasty tidbits for the season and for other times too. 

If you’re too busy to bake this holiday season, you can turn to them for all your holiday sweet-treat needs.

Bettie Gilmore, owner of the Garden of Eat-In, said they always have sweet treats available, but during the holidays, they offer even more of those items in the form of trays you can put out at your own home or desserts too that you can share at your holiday meal.

“We can make just about anything and everything,” she said. “We just need a couple days notice and we can put together whatever you are looking for.”

They can make up cookie trays with all your holiday favorites. They can make up a pan of the gooiest, yummy cinnamon rolls, they can make a pie of your choice and decorate up a wonderful looking holiday cake too. The sky is the limit, Bettie shared.

And if you want to add a delicious beverage mix into to your order, Garden of Eat-In also has a special blend of Tom and Jerry batter. 

And they would deliver all the sweets right to your front door.

“We are back to making lunch deliveries again from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., starting Monday, Dec. 7 and that means we could deliver your holiday treats to you as well during that time,” Gilmore stated.

Call Garden of Eat-In at 406-873-4747 for more information on what they can make for you this Christmas.

When you think of the Village Dining and Lounge, you normally think of having lunch or dinner in the restaurant or bar. But with Kevin Johnson at the helm in their kitchen-bakery, there are more sweet items than you can imagine, all for your dining-in pleasure, or for take-out to enjoy during the holidays at home.

Jody Campbell, co-owner at the Village, said Kevin is a master baker and can make and bake all kinds of fantastic holiday treats. 

“We sell his delicious creations by the dozens or you can come in and get just one as well,” said Jody. 

Kevin has always been known for his amazing homemade pies of all kinds and flavors, but he also does a host of other desserts too and even some breakfast pastry items.

He makes the best, “cinnamon-ey” cinnamon rolls and caramel rolls and kicks out some pretty incredible maple bars from their kitchen too. He can put together an ice cream cake of your choice, decorate up a holiday cake that will look festive on your dessert table and make a cheesecake that will have you drooling long before you cut the beautiful dessert.

“We can do special orders of any kind and just need a day or two of notice so we can put together what you would like,” reminded Jody.

Kevin has even been busy making Christmas candy, items like fudge, peanut brittle and even suckers for the young and old alike, which are always popular. “He can do all kinds of Christmas treats,” Jody shared. “If he knows how to make it, he can bake it.”

Call the Village Dining and Lounge and ask what they can make up for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season. They can be reached at 406-873-5005.

Albertsons has always been known for having very specific departments in their store, like their bakery, deli, meat and produce departments, that line their shelves with delectable food items for all to scoop up, put in their carts and take home.

But they also do plenty of special orders, especially in their bakery department.

Bakery Manager Barb Jacobsen said, “We can make up any kind of tray you might want to take home and enjoy for the Christmas holiday. Just give us a few days notice and we can make what you are looking for.”

Barb said they can put together an assorted cookie tray and holiday candy trays, made specific to what your tastes are. They can also put together a breakfast tray for Christmas morning, complete with homemade muffins and scones and any other pastry you might be licking your lips over. 

You can contact Albertson’s bakery department by calling the main telephone number at 406-873-5035 and give them your holiday eats and treats wish-list and they will get you taken care of.

Ricki Juneau is the Bakery Manager at Big Sky Foods and she has been busy trying to keep the bakery shelves at the store full of all the wonderful homemade treats.

“I can’t keep the peanut brittle on the shelves,” she said laughing. “I am going to have to make more of that to be sure there is some ready for this Christmas season.”

Along with her delicious peanut brittle, Ricki is making all sorts of other holiday favorites. “I am making a few different kinds of fudge, including the traditional, but then some new varieties too like peppermint fudge. I make everything right here in the bakery and only have a few pre-packaged cookies we get from another producer.”

With everything being homemade and scrumptious, Ricki asks that you give her two to three days notice for any special orders and she will be more than happy to accommodate your every sweet-treat need.

“I make up lots of cookie trays, with a variety of decorated cookies on each tray and will even have some sugar cookies in a tray that will come with icing and sprinkles so the kids can decorate the cookies the way they want for their family or for Santa,” she said. 

She does cupcakes and big cakes, pies and cheesecakes and will decorate them however you want for the upcoming holiday season. “I have changed what I was baking for Thanksgiving and now focusing on Christmas and making all sorts of pretty, decorated goodies. I love the holidays and want to make the season a little easier for those that don’t want to bake or for those that just need to stay at home.”

One of Ricki’s specialties and a true customer favorite are her dinner rolls. She gets lots of orders for those and will have those ready for customers from now through Christmas and even after the holidays. 

“I take lots of orders for my rolls and can make those up ahead of time for those that want a special order or a few more than what I normally make up for the shelves here at the store,” she said. “Again, just give me a few days notice so I can prepare them for you.”

Ricki loves her job and admitted she loves to decorate food for the holidays, making the bakery at Big Sky Foods a perfect place to stop or call for any or all of your holiday bakery needs. You can reach her by calling the main telephone number at Big Sky Foods at 406-873-0802 and asking for the bakery department. 

It looks like there are lots of options for filling your counter tops with baked goods, right here in Cut Bank. You can tackle all the other holiday tasks that need to be done and leave the baking to those that not only love doing it but do it so very well.

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