Three Glacier County School Districts have reached a “mutually agreeable resolution” with Glacier County and Treasurer Don Wilson to “transfer all funds” of the Browning, East Glacier and Mountain View School Districts no later than Jan. 15, 2020.

On the advice of Glacier County Attorney Terryl Matt, the Glacier County Commissioners approved the agreement on Nov. 26 at their meeting in Browning. According to Matt’s explanation of the agreement, the transfer would occur in February 2020. 

A copy of the agreement was not available to the public but Matt said she would provide it once all parties had signed it.

A copy of the agreement was requested from the legal counsel for the school districts and was provided on Dec. 3. According to that agreement, the transfer of school district funds from Glacier County must occur no later than Jan. 15, 2020. 

The board of trustees of East Glacier Park Elementary District approved the agreement at a special meeting on Dec. 5. Mountain View Elementary School District’s school board also approved the agreement on Dec. 5. The Browning School District’s board of trustees will vote on approval of the agreement at their Dec. 17 noon meeting.

Included in the agreement is language that the school districts will “defend, hold harmless and/or indemnify” the County if litigation against the County is brought due to the mid-fiscal year transfer.

The agreement states Glacier County cannot use school district funds to pay for county operations. It further states the school districts have “no obligation” to defend the County “for any amounts” owed to individuals, companies, vendors, etc., by the County.

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