An employee in another Glacier County department has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 but the exposure will not close the office, reported Glacier County Human Resources Director Mike Kittson in a press release issued on Saturday, Oct. 31. The Glacier County Clerk and Recorder’s Office will remain open with normal hours assured county officials after being notified an employee was possibly exposed to COVID-19 while working last week.

The Glacier County District Court Office in the Glacier County Courthouse in Cut Bank was closed Thursday, Oct. 29, after county officials were notified of a potential exposure of one or more employees to Coronavirus. County officials hope to reopen the office on Nov. 9. During the interim, the Court staff still has access to emails and phone messages. 

According to Kittson’s press release, “County officials are confident there will be minimal impact to services and do not anticipate any delay or disruption to the ongoing elections. Glacier County leadership is confident of the capabilities of the elections staff and proud of the work they conduct daily.”

The Glacier County Commissioners, Kittson and Glacier County Clerk and Recorder Mandi Bird Kennerly are working with the Glacier County Health Department to take necessary steps to mitigate this issue in a safe manner. 

The courthouse requires masks be worn in the building, unless individuals have a medical condition or are under the age of five, and that social distancing guidelines be followed.

Kennerly said she is confident in the ability and experience of Deputy Election Administrator Crystal Cole and the election staff to provide safe and secure voting for everyone involved. “Our number one priority has always been to protect both our staff and our citizens during the voting process,” stated Kennerly.

The Glacier County Health Department continues to urge individuals to call their medical provider first if they think they may have COVID-19. By doing so, individuals help reduce the risk of transmission to others. 

Kittson reminds voters to be sure and cast and return their ballot by 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 3. “Please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and social distance from others and be safe,” he concluded.

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