After its purchase of the Pardue Grain processing plant last January, AgroLink is settling into its new location just over 12 miles west of Cut Bank. According to plant manager Amber Warr, the transition has been a smooth one. 

“The transition process was very good and the farmers throughout the area have been very welcoming to us,” Warr said. “We work with so many customers around here (Golden Triangle) and they have all been great.” 

AgroLink, a joint venture between Agrocorp International and LinkOne Solution Holdings, now owns and operates the former Pardue location, which functions as a grain elevator and a state-of-the-art food-grade pulse processing plant. 

The company services customers from not only the Golden Triangle, but around the world. The modern facilities allows them to fulfill those customers’ needs while still focusing on local farmers. Those features include everything from gravity tables and sizing machines along the line to a fully-automatic packaging system and a robotic palletizer. The capacity of the line is 30,000 pounds/500 bushels per hour. The plant also features a 450,000 bulk bushel capacity. A 10-car private rail spur was recently upgraded on the property as well. 

“Some of our customers are all over the world but we have been very involved in the local communities and with local farmers,” Warr said. “I have had the chance to go to several farms and colonies to visit and they have all taken the time to show me their facilities and their crops. It has all been really good.” 

AgroLink services clients who sell products that range from pet food to human consumption, processing pulse crops such as lentils, peas and chickpeas for them. 

“We have customers who use the product for red lentil pastas, chickpea flour or even hummus,” Warr said. “Quite a bit of crop comes through our plant and we are able to export that domestically or wherever it is going for the customer’s needs.” 

Warr gives plenty of credit to the work that her employees do around the processing plant, putting a priority on safety and details. The plant currently has eight full-time employees, two of which worked at the Pardue-owned plant. Warr noted that she is looking to hire a full-time office manager with public relations experience. 

“We do really good work here and everyone has their role,” Warr said. “Whether they have been here or brought in from the Pardue purchase, it has been great.”

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