Mary Ann Boggs takes her oath of office in December of 2014

Glacier County voters were shouting for change when they cast their votes in the May 3 recall election of Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs. They voted overwhelmingly to recall Boggs by a vote of 1,744 to 325. Results from the May 3 recall election are unofficial until canvassed, reminded Glacier County Clerk and Recorder Glenda Hall. Canvassing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, during the Glacier County Commissioners’ regular meeting in Browning.

Once the election results are declared “official” Boggs will be removed from office and the commissioners will need to appoint an interim treasurer.

The total number of ballots distributed and the voter turnout percentage was not yet available from election officials.

Unofficial results were announced shortly before 4:30 a.m. Five hours after the polls closed election officials had yet to count the first ballot. It took nearly a dozen “sequestered” election workers in the courtroom of the Glacier County Courthouse that long to open and certify the approximately 2,100 ballot ballots.

Once that was done, shortly after 1 a.m., Hall struggled feeding the tri-folded ballots into the  relatively new ESS DS850 voting system scanner and tabulator. Since it kept jamming, election workers tried to “smooth” out the ballots and Hall finally resorted to feeding ballots five at a time.

The recall petition against Boggs was approved on Sept. 9 and within 90 days over 1,400 people signed the petition in favor of recalling the first term treasurer. Reasons cited for recalling Boggs included:

•Incompetence for violating her oath of office by failing to discharge her duties in the office of Glacier County Treasurer; and

•Mary Ann Boggs has committed official misconduct by negligently failing to perform mandatory duties as required by law;

•Mary Ann Boggs has failed to submit a cash report since taking office in December 2014 as required by Montana Code Annotated 7-6-2111 and 20-9-212;

• Mary AnnBoggs has failed to submit district revenues to designated custodian report to the School Districts in Glacier County, Montana since taking office in December 2014 as mandated by Montana Code Annotated 7-6-2111 and 20-9-212(6);

•Mary Ann Boggs has failed to respond to a public record request which is mandated by Montana Code Annotated 2-6-101 et seq.

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