Miranda Dupree is the newest addition to the medical team at the Northern Rockies Medical Center in Cut Bank. She joins them as a physical therapist, having earned her degree through the University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D. 

In the world of college degrees and certificates, she is known as Miranda Dupree, P.T., D.P.T., A.T.C. But in her new job at Northern Rockies Medical Center, she said, “I go by Miranda, the physical therapist.”

Miranda is the newest addition to the team at NRMC, working as a physical therapist for the hospital and she is very happy to be at NRMC and in Cut Bank.

“I originally found this job through a family member. Trying to find a job during COVID, was not easy. However, I applied and got the job,” she exclaimed. “One of the main reasons I took the job was because I had positive vibes about the facility. Those that I interviewed with were excited about my ideas and I felt that this was a place I could grow and develop as a professional.”

Miranda grew up in Seeley Lake and graduated from Seeley-Swan High School in 2013. She was involved in high school sports, volleyball, basketball and track and field and carried that love to college when she attended University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D. There she earned a bachelor’s degree in athletic training with minors in coaching and wellness. 

She stayed on at the University of Mary and attended physical therapy school and ultimately earned a doctorate in physical therapy this past spring. 

She worked in a couple positions prior to taking her new job at NRMC. She was a rehabilitation technician in an outpatient clinic in Bismarck, No. Dak., and she also worked for a time at an assisted living facility while in college.

Miranda could have been an athletic trainer, but she found she loved the physical therapy work so much more.

“While I was in high school I suffered a number of injuries that resulted in having to go to physical therapy. I had an awesome therapist in Seeley Lake and she sparked an interest,” Miranda explained.

“I knew I wanted an opportunity to work with an active population which led me to earning my bachelor’s in athletic training,” she continued, “While completing that degree I knew that I wanted to learn more and continue that education into physical therapy school. I love that this profession is challenging and makes me use my critical thinking skills. I love the learning about my patients and being able to build a connection.”

So far, she has only encountered a few challenges in the early stages of her career, one of those being “making the transition from student to young professional.” But she is confident she can do that at NRMC.

“I like the support I have received at NRMC so far and the family feel throughout the facility. I also really enjoy the variety that I see with my patients. I have an opportunity to see those of all ages and different injuries,” she said. 

“And I like that Cut Bank is a small town. I grew up in a small town and I have always wanted to come back to those roots. And I like that Glacier is right there and all the activities that Glacier has to offer,” noted Miranda.

While there is no family here with her in Cut Bank, she does have family in Shelby, which “has been a nice change from Bismarck,” she shared. Miranda hinted that there just might be a new puppy in the foreseeable future.

For now, the work she loves is occupying her time and she feels like she has found a new home at NRMC and in Cut Bank.

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