“The statutory noncompliance found in the Glacier County Treasurer’s Office continues to present fiscal hardships to school districts and directly impacts the district’s taxpayers.” That was just one of the concerns conveyed by the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) to the Glacier County Commissioners, County Treasurer Don Wilson, Chief Financial Officer Chancy Kittson, Human Resource Director Mike Kittson and County Superintendent of Schools Darryl Omsberg in an “information request” from OPI dated Aug. 9.

Kara Flath, School Finance Administrator for OPI, listed several items school districts in Glacier County are missing from the Treasurer’s Office, which makes them unable to “submit their budgets” or hold budget meetings. 

Flath pointed out the nearly dozen items needed from Treasurer Don Wilson’s office, which are needed by school district clerks to complete the FY 2020 budget. Among those documents are: FY 2019 ending cash balances, details of tax types and periods which have not been distributed to the school districts and a break down of protested taxes by type and time period.

Flath reminded Wilson of the “multiple repeated request” to provide the Cut Bank School District with documentation for a check issued a year ago in August 2018.

Flath also provided Glacier County officials with a list of late or missing reports and statements from the County Treasurer’s office that demonstrate the “continued noncompliance of County reporting and remittances that directly fund Montana education.”

Flath’s correspondence to County officials concluded, “The mission of the Office of Public Instruction is putting our Montana students first, which cannot happen if districts struggle with financial management of funds outside their control.”

CFO Kittson and Wilson were asked to comment on Flath’s letter and request but as of press time had not responded.

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