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Larry Bomar, who was convicted and then sentenced in Glacier County District Court for sexually assaulting a six-year-old, is returning to Glacier County this week. Bomar, who has spent the last 15 years in the Montana State Prison, is scheduled to be released on Feb. 11. His freedom, however, may be short-lived.

A bench warrant for Bomar’s arrest was issued by District Judge Robert G. Olson on Jan. 27. Once released from prison, Bomar, 78, will be transported to the Glacier County Detention Center where he will await his initial appearance in Glacier County District Court. Judge Olson set bail at $250,000. Bomar could be released if he or someone else posts a $25,000 bond.

Special Deputy County Attorney Jennifer Stutz filed a petition in Glacier County District Court on Jan. 26 to revoke the remaining 12 years of Bomar’s suspended sentence. According to the petition,  Bomar failed to complete Phases I, II and III of the Sexual Offender Treatment Program at the Montana State Prison as required.

The Montana Depar-tment of Corrections (DOC) Adult Probation and Parole issued a “report of violation” to Judge Olson on Jan. 19, citing Bomar as a “probation violator.”

According to the  report by DOC, Bomar “has refused to complete any sex offender treatment in the fifteen (15) years the Defendant (Bomar) has been at Montana State Prison. The Defendant (Bomar) has no intention to complete any sex offender treatment. The Defendant (Bomar) was found to be a Tier III (High Risk) sexual offender when he was sentenced in 2006.

Tim Hides, the Probation and Parole Officer, recommends in the report that a bench warrant be issued for Bomar and he be brought back before the Court to determine if he violated the terms of his 12-year suspended sentence.

If the Court determines Bomar is in violation, Hides recommends that Bomar’s “suspended sentence be revoked” and he be “sentenced to the Montana State Prison for the remaining 12 years…and not be eligible for release until he completes Phase I and II of sex offender treatment.”

Hides pointed out that Bomar was designated a high risk offender and failed to comply with the Court order for a Pre-Sentence Investigation interview or a Psychosexual Evaluation.

Hides’ report further stated that Bomar “has done NOTHING since he was sentenced” and is “still a high risk to reoffend…”

Hides recommended to Judge Olson a “high bond” be set based on the fact that Bomar is an “untreated HIGH RISK sexual offender with no treatment.”

Although Hides, did not recommend Bomar complete Phase III, which may have been an oversight, Stutz she will ask the Court to require Bomar complete Phase III as required in the original sentence from Judge Buyske.

A nine-man, three-woman jury convicted Bomar in 2006 of felony sexual assault for acts he committed against an out-of-state girl in his home at the Shady Grove Campground during the summer of 2000. He was sentenced to 27 years in the Montana State Prison, with 12 years suspended.

Then District Court Judge Marc Buyske further ordered Bomar not be eligible for parole until he completes the treatment program, pointing out, the “public has a right to feel secure…” Buyske further stated, “this act may be but one of many Larry Bomar has committed over time.”

Dr. Nina Wendt, a licensed clinical psychologist, testified as a witness during Bomar’s sentencing hearing. It was her recommendation that Bomar be classified as a Level III, or a high risk, sex offender and that he be required to complete three phases of sex offender treatment.

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