Ann Clark, center, promises it won’t be much longer before her new business, Glacier Pharmacy, is open in Cut Bank Harvest Foods. Clark has hired two pharmacists, Levi Stanley of Great Falls, left, and Jake Sather of Helena, right, to work in the new pharmacy.

Cut Bank Harvest Foods has been open for over a year and is already expanding to fill a need in the Cut Bank area. Harvest Foods is adding a new business inside the store. Glacier Pharmacy will be opening very soon.

Ann Clark, owner of Northtown Drug in Shelby, is opening Glacier Pharmacy and will be the working manager of this new-to-Cut Bank business. 

“Glacier Pharmacy will be located on the southwest side of the store and will be totally independent of Harvest Foods,” Clark said. “The construction work is almost done and we hope to be open very soon.”

“We are thrilled to have Ann as an addition to the shopping center,” said Ed Blake of Harvest Foods. “The community has been asking for another pharmacy and this will be great for our customers to have the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience.”

Glacier Pharmacy’s business hours will be Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It will employ two pharmacists who will work side-by-side with Clark at the store, along with a full-time tech and one clerk. The two new pharmacists are Levi Stanley, who is from Great Falls and Jake Sather from Helena.

“They are both University of Montana graduates and both are eager to get to work,” Clark said. “They will be learning the ‘guts’ of the business so they can do everything I would normally do as the manager. I feel very fortunate to have both of them and know they will be welcomed into this community.”

The new pharmacy will have all the basic features of most pharmacies, providing prescription medications, counseling for medication usage, immunizations and will be able to special order durable medical equipment as needed. 

Clark said she has been interested in putting another pharmacy in Cut Bank for some time. “I had been looking at options for opening a pharmacy here and heard Harvest Foods was looking at possibly adding a pharmacy. It worked out to add one to their store. It should help their business and now people can shop for groceries at Harvest Foods and get their medicine in the same place.” 

Clark added there is enough business in Cut Bank to support two pharmacies. “I do believe it will be a friendly competition, it has to be. I use a different wholesaler than Albertson’s does, so we can help each other out. If I am out of something, I can ask them for it and they can do the same with me. It will be a good situation for both of us.”

Cut Bank is not a new place for Clark, who was born and raised here and graduated from Cut Bank High School in 1987. From there she went to Carroll College, graduating with a biology-chemistry degree in 1991. She did her pharmacist studies at University of Montana School of Medicine, graduating from there in 1995. 

Her work history includes working in Moses Lake, Wash. at the clinic and hospital there for four years before returning to Cut Bank to work for five years with Ron Campbell at DrugMart. She then worked at the hospital’s pharmacy in Shelby for a time before going to work with Jack Wells at Wells Drug, also in Shelby. 

In 2007, she bought Wells Drug from Jack, changed the name to Northtown Drug and has been there ever since. “I still have Northtown Drug, matter of a fact, we just moved that pharmacy in Shelby to the end of Main Street. Our address is 100 Main Street. We added a juice bar and a smoothie bar at the new location,” she shared.

And now, she is opening a new business in Cut Bank.

“We still have a few licensures to finish the paperwork on, but when that is done, the construction will be done and we will be ready to open,” said Clark.

“I love what I do for a living and am really excited to be back in Cut Bank,” she smiled.

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