Miles Geer and his market pig, Pua. This is his second year taking a 4-H market swine. After COVID made the swine judging and selling virtual last year, he is especially excited to be showing Pua live at the fair this year.

This year’s Marias Fair 4-H Livestock Auction is back in action in the Seewald Barn! While last year’s auction was a success thanks to the generosity of numerous online bidders, nothing beats in-person, live bidding with an auctioneer and that will take place on Saturday, starting at 3 p.m., in the Seewald Barn at Marias Fairgrounds. If you can’t make the auction, no worries, online bidding will also be available again this year for those who would like to support 4-H but can’t attend in person.

“All the animals for sale are up currently on the website, and then folks can bid either in person or online on Saturday, July 24, at 3 p.m.,” said Glacier County Extension agent Kari Lewis. “Any online bids will be forwarded in real time to the auctioneer.The official sale order will not be set until Thursday night after the official judging and champions and ribbon placing are known.”

Jerry Collins Auctions will be clerking the auction this year and the sale itself will be auctioneered by Jim Fritz, Jeff Flesch and Ryan Perry. 

Online bidding will be held at www.jerrycollinsauctions.

com and all animals for sale are currently on the website. Any animals that don’t make the minimum weight requirements will be removed before the sale.

If you want to bid online you will need to register prior to the sale at https://jerrycollinsauctions.hibid.com under “login/new bidder.” 

Those bidding in-person can register the day of the sale in the Seewald Barn beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 24. 

If you registered for last year’s auction online you are already in the system and will not need to create a new profile. 

The official sale order will be posted on mariasfair.msuextension.org and on the Marias Fair 4-H Facebook page on Friday, July 23. 

Anyone registering online but bidding in person will need to pick up their bidder card on sale day. Make sure and arrive prior to the sale to allow time for registration and/or to pick up your bidder number.

“We added the online option for anyone unable to attend in person,” said Lewis. “COVID-19 precautions aside, we’re hoping it’s a great feature for out-of-the-area friends or family who want to bid, businesses who may be away for the weekend, etc.”

Winning bidders will be announced after each animal is sold. After the sale closes buyers will be able to check out with one of two clerks available in the Seewald Barn. 

Those bidding online will receive an email with a statement showing the animal purchased and the amount owed. Payment by credit card is accepted onsite and online, however, there is a five percent fee added onto the invoice so payment by check is recommended.

Also note that winning bidders have two weeks to pay for their animal and that 4-H members do not receive their check until the buyer’s check clears the bank. Please be prompt in paying for your animal!

If buyers want a specific business on their invoice, or plan to pay by check they should list that in the “Notes to the Auctioneer.” This only applies to online bidders.

If you purchase an animal and then donate it back to a Marias Fair 4-H committee it is asked that you announce that immediately after purchasing the animal. If you are participating online call Jesse Fulbright at (406) 399-2092 following the sale to donate any animal back. MSU Extension will then handle reselling that donated animal with the proceeds of the second sale going towards the designated cause.

If you are the highest bidder on an animal, don’t worry about where you can get it processed as that will be taken care of for you. Steers will be shipped to Christiaens Meats in Valier while pigs lambs and goats will be processed at Vandevanter Meats in Columbia Falls. 

Processed beef can be picked up in Valier and processed lamb, pork and goat will return to the Shelby Shopko parking lot for pickup on Aug. 10 or 17 at 1 p.m. The specific date will be coordinated with each buyer by Vandevanter Meats.

“After having a virtual show and sale in 2020, we are extremely excited to be back together again for a live sale this year,” concluded Lewis. “The rodeo is back to Saturday night this year, which will be a great feature for buyers to be able to come to the sale and then enjoy a night of rodeo.”

For more information on the Marias Fair Livestock Auction contact MSU Extension in Glacier County, Lewis, (406) 873-2239, kari.lewis@montana.edu; MSU Extension in Liberty County, Jesse Fulbright (406) 759-5625, jlf@montana.edu or Collins Auction Service, Jerry Collins, BAS (406) 581-6456.

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